Capsule Records: Revolutionizing Music Discovery with QR Codes

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Jonathan Palley Nov 3, 2023
“There's nothing better than discovering a new tune, a new band or a new label to make the hairs on your arms stand to attention.”
The rise of modern technology has seemingly reshaped the traditional music industry, changing the way people enjoy music. Just take out your smartphone, access a music app and you can already start listening to your favorite song anytime. But with sales of physical music also on the increase, a record shop in Brighton & Hove asked itself how that same technology could help drive in-store sales.
While record stores are nothing new, Capsule Records was able to utilise digitalization and uphold the essence of what it meant to enjoy physical music.

The Inspiration Behind Capsule Records

While they had just opened their doors six months ago, Capsule Records was able to capture the attention of many music lovers and transform their music-buying experience. 

The founders, Lawrence and Sarah, drew inspiration for their unique record and coffee shop from a multitude of sources that led them to where they are today. 

“Firstly, during the pandemic lockdowns [,] we listened to a lot of [music-based] radio and were inspired by the heavy curation that some DJs apply to the records they play. And how that curation can help you find new music. The same can be said for some of the [algorithm-driven] streaming playlists - ‘if you like this, you’ll like that’,” they shared. 

From this, ignited an idea of “what if” they could bring this level of curation to the in-store record-buying experience. 

“We felt that record retailing hadn’t moved on. Many record shops still look and feel like they did 30 years ago …, especially in how technology is used in stores. We wanted to change the record buying experience in all regards. To make new music discovery a joy … Bringing a heavily curated approach to stocking records, and a wonderful environment in which to enjoy and discover new music.”

Empowering Customers with QR Codes

Their single goal of transforming the purchasing experience and music discovery led them to discover QR codes. Observing how everyone around them uses the technology for various purposes, “sparked a thought” for Capsule Records.
The core of Capsule Records' innovation lies in their strategic use of QR codes. Within their Shopify online store, every album boasts an extensive product page. These pages contain information that a customer might want to know—artist name, biography, genre classifications, release dates, record label, pricing, and even a Spotify link for easy listening.

But what sets Capsule Records apart is their approach to bridging the gap between the physical and digital music worlds. They created QR codes with destinations dedicated to a specific produce page and displayed them on the physical album in-store. This made it a lot simpler for their customers to browse their records and view the information without any hassle. 

“Wider customer behavior is usually to try and seek some of that kind of information on the web anyway, so via a quick scan of our QR code we have delivered it all to them in one easily digestible page and with one click. And kept them on our website,” Lawrence and Sarah explained.                                                                 

What’s more?       
Capsule Records' QR code system empowers customers to uncover new music at their own pace. With QR codes providing instant access to album details, customers are no longer dependent on sales staff for recommendations or opinions. This technology empowers the music-buying experience, putting the power of discovery firmly in the hands of the customer.

Beyond the convenience, QR codes also provided Capsule Records with valuable insights. It allows them to understand which albums capture their customers' interest, even if those customers do not make a purchase.

What more to expect from Capsule Records?

Capsule Records sees music as more than just a form of entertainment—it's a unifying force that strengthens communities. With this, their future initiatives are centered on growing and supporting their local creator community. 

They recognize that a record shop can be more than just a place to buy music; it can serve as a catalyst for community support.

“At Capsule Records we believe in the power of music to lift a mood, to change your day, to enrich your life. There's nothing better than discovering a new tune, a new band or a new label to make the hairs on your arms stand for attention. Our ambition is to make discovering a new album an easy, uplifting and pleasurable experience,” they said. 


One might wonder how Capsule Records, a small team of five without a single technical expert among them, successfully implemented their QR code system. The answer lies in their partnership with QR Code Generator Hub. This platform provided them with an accessible and straightforward solution to their tech needs, allowing them to bring their innovative vision to life.

In a world that is rapidly evolving, Capsule Records stands as a testament to the power of innovation. Their complemented use of QR codes redefines the music discovery experience, making it more accessible, enjoyable and empowering. As Capsule Records continues to grow, they invite music enthusiasts to explore their unique offerings, where the joy of discovering new music knows no bounds.
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