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Jonathan Palley May 11, 2023
Efficiency and organization are one of the most important concerns of every document management consultant business. With all the information and large volume of documents they have to manage and process, it is no question that it is a daunting task, especially when dealing with physical copies.

But what if we tell you that there is a way to further streamline this tiring process, while also improving customer experience? This is where QR codes come in – a powerful and versatile marketing tool solution for all your document management needs. 

In this blog post, let’s explore the benefits of using QR code for document management consultant business and the different ways they can be employed to streamline administrative processes. 

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Benefits of Using QR Codes for Document Management Consultant Business

  • Time-saving

Getting things done as swiftly as possible is essential for all document management consultant businesses.

By incorporating QR code solutions into your document, you can expect a more organized retrieval, processing and achieving of documents. 

How is this possible?

Essentially, instead of searching or requesting documents manually, business staff can just simply scan the device with a dedicated QR code to access the information needed.
  •  Cost-effective

Unlike other document management software, QR codes do not actually require huge funding to implement into your business processes. It reduces the use of print marketing materials and huge storage costs from big data.

Simply put, QR codes eliminate the extensive need for a physical document copy. 

As a result, your business gets a significant decrease in expenses even when dealing with a large number of documents. 
  • Interactive document management marketing campaign 

Document management consultants gain sales from their prospects. Thus, it is a must for them to make an effort to grow their clients.

Integrating social media QR codes into marketing campaigns and document management systems offers you a unique opportunity to better engage, educate and interact with your clients. 

For example, you can create a business page QR code that is dedicated to additional educational resources and promotional marketing materials. This adds value to your business as it provides you with clients' data that they need to make informed decisions. 
  • Track management consultant marketing efforts

QR codes are also popular for many consultancy firms as it allows them to measure their campaign performance.

With QR codes, you can gain access to various KPIs such as the number and location of scans. These are important to help you to better understand the performance of the campaign. 

Regular tracking of QR code scans in campaigns is essential for every business as this will indicate the effectiveness of their marketing strategy. This will also provide them valuable insights on how they can further refine their strategy to grow their business. 
  • Seamless contact information sharing with prospects

Lastly, dynamic QR code marketing also offers your business a quick and easy way to share business and contact information with clients.  This is highly important as it enables the clients to keep in touch with your business. 

You can store service information, vCard, links, files and other texts on the QR code for easy exchange of information with your clients.

Examples of Successful QR Code Use in Document Management

After learning the benefits of QR codes, business consultants should now be able to put them into use. The use of QR codes can vary depending on your business needs.

To help understand the ways you can use QR codes, we have listed sample industries that also require efficient document management. 

Here are some of them:
  1. Legal Firm - QR codes for legal firms can help improve document tracking and effective client communication. It is important for legal firms to keep a close relationship with their clients to maintain efficient workflow. Thus, by including static QR codes on documents and company emails, they can easily and efficiently collect client information.
  2. Medical Facility - A medical facility can also benefit from using QR codes as this allows them to quickly access patient information, especially during emergencies. By integrating QR codes in patient wristbands and documents, they can update and access patient information for seamless records management.
  3. Government Agency -  QR codes can also be used to simply document management for government agencies that handle vast amounts of paperwork. This also ensures that the documents are highly-secured and readily available for access when needed. By integrating QR codes into their system, government agencies can reduce the time and cost they spend on managing all the documents stored in their office. 
With the number of benefits QR codes can provide, it is definitely a game-changer in document management consultant businesses.

It is convenient, secure and also way cheaper than other marketing and administrative tools. 

On top of this, it can be utilized by various industries that are aiming to streamline their document processing. 

To create your own dynamic QR codes, you can visit QR Code Generator Hub for a customized QR code design. You can also use this software for unlimited scanning and free tracking!

How do I create a professional QR code?

There are many ways to create a professional QR code, but the easiest way is to use a QR code generator. QR Code Generator Hub is the best way to generate free dynamic QR Codes. QR Codes generated with QR Code Generator Hub can include your logo, colors and style. The QR Codes include unlimited scans and free tracking.

How small businesses can use QR codes?

There are many ways small businesses can use QR codes. Some examples include using QR codes to share contact information, promoting special offers, or providing customers with access to loyalty programs.
QR codes can also be used to store information or link to websites or to social media profiles or pages, making it easy for customers to connect with your business.

Do businesses still use QR codes?

Many businesses still use QR codes as a way to engage with their customers. QR codes can be used to provide customers with information about a product or service or to offer a coupon or discount.
QR codes can also be used to identify and track customer behavior and preferences.

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