QR Codes For Furniture Retailer Business

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Sally Wright May 11, 2023
Are you a furniture retailer looking to enhance your marketing and customer engagement to upscale your business? If yes, then you may want to consider employing QR codes in your business. 

QR codes are black-and-white matrix barcodes that can be scanned with a smartphone camera to access stored digital content. These contents can are the following:
  • Website URLs
  • Product information
  • Promotions
  • vCard
  • Contact details
Implementing QR code for furniture retailer business is a massive leap to traditional business order processing and customer service. 

In this blog post, we will explore the benefits and best practices involved in maximizing the potential brought by QR codes to businesses. 

Benefits of Using QR Codes in Furniture Retail Business

Digitalization is one of the main focuses of many businesses today in order to meet consumer demands. And for furniture retailers, the popularity of QR codes can be a great opportunity for them to stand out in the market. 

So what are the key benefits of QR codes that make it worth the investment? 

Better customer shopping experience

Furniture businesses in the retail industry should take the initiative of not just providing comfort through their products but also actual services themselves. With QR codes, providing customers a convenient way to access product specifications and business information without manual web searching is now easier.

For instance, a customer can just simply use a QR code scanner app to access product catalogs or customer reviews to learn more about the business. This helps in building your credibility and also making the customer’s shopping experience pleasant. 

Cost-effectiveness for furniture retailers

Including a QR code on furniture items is a cost-effective way to upscale your digital marketing campaign. Unlike traditional advertising where furniture businesses have to print marketing materials, QR codes are way easier to distribute digitally. 

Basically, with QR codes, businesses don’t have to print information like specifications. In addition, customers can just simply scan the item’s QR code which will automatically add to their cart. 

Increased efficiency in inventory management

Another great benefit of QR codes is that it allows furniture businesses to improve their inventory management productivity.

By just simply incorporating QR codes into their inventory management system, business staff can easily access and track product information, and stock levels and identify items that need restocking. 

QR codes can also be used to track stock locations that are being transferred from one point to another location. This allows smooth communication with the supplier and manufacturer.

Enhanced customer experience and engagement

If you are struggling to increase customer engagement and brand loyalty, then, QR codes can help you with that. 

How can QR codes do this? 

Essentially, you can employ QR codes in many ways to make your customers happy with your service. One example is through payments. Remember that we mentioned how customers can use QR codes to add an item to their basket? Well, they can also scan QR codes for fast and contactless payments. 

Competitive advantage over other retailers

QR codes are also a great selling point for a furniture business. Incorporate it into your marketing strategies and you can efficiently highlight to your consumer why your furniture retail business is better than the rest. 

For instance, you can use it for order tracking. Customers can simply scan the QR code in the product packaging and they will gain access to the current status of their ordered furniture. 

Doing this helps to attract new customers and increase customer retention. 

Best Practices for Using QR Codes in Furniture Retail Business

QR codes are an amazing tool to step your business in the market. However, this is only possible if you apply it with the best practices. 

Here are some tips for using QR code:
  • Use QR Code Generator Hub to create customized QR codes, unlimited scanning and free tracking
  • Strategically place the QR codes in-store and on products
  • Provide clear instructions on how to use the QR code
  • Provide incentives and exclusive promotions
  • Regularly track the QR code performance

Interesting Ways to Use QR Codes

Other than these practices you should also try to explore and innovate the different ways to use QR codes. Don’t just use it to share product information, coupons or payments – maximize it!

Listed below are some interactive to implement QR codes:
  • Use QR codes to direct customers to a virtual room design
  • Create a QR code dedicated to interactive product demos
  • Offer guided store tours with dynamic QR codes
  • Utilize augmented reality via QR for furniture customization
These are the various ways to use QR codes and leverage its power to engage customers, enhance the shopping experience and boost sales. Combined with the right strategies, furniture retailers can drive growth and success in their business.


How do I create a QR code for my shop?

There are many ways to create a QR code for your shop. One way is to use a QR code generator. There are many free QR code generators available online. QR Code Generator Hub is one such generator that offers free dynamic QR Codes. To generate a QR code with QR Code Generator Hub, simply enter your shop's information into the fields provided and click ‘Generate QR Code'. Your QR code will be generated instantly and will be ready for use.

How do retailers use QR codes?

There are many ways retailers can use QR codes. For example, they can use QR codes to provide customers with special offers and discounts or to give customers access to exclusive content. QR codes can also be used to track customer loyalty and to track customer engagement.

How do I create a QR code for my small business?

There are many ways to generate a QR code for your small business. One way is to use a QR code generator. There are many online QR code generators that are free to use. Just search for “QR code generator” in your favorite search engine. Another way to generate a QR code is to use a QR code generator Hub. QR Code Generator Hub is a free online QR code generator that lets you include your logo, colors, and style in your QR code.

Can I use a QR code for my business?

Yes, you can use a QR code for your business. QR Code Generator Hub provides the best way to generate free dynamic QR Codes. QR Codes generated with QR Code Generator Hub can include your logo, colors and style. The QR Codes include unlimited scans and free tracking.

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