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Jonathan Palley May 26, 2023
There are many ways QR codes can revolutionize the different aspects of our lives including our shopping habits. 

According to a survey conducted by Paypal in 2020, there are over 47% of shoppers in the United States have used QR codes for their payments. With its accessibility and cost-effectiveness, this technology became a common sight for every personal shopping business. 

In this blog post, we’ll look into the benefits and implementation of QR codes for the personal shopping industry. 

What are QR Codes?

QR codes or Quick Response codes are one of the most convenient ways for customers to access information. Instead of manually typing information, they can just take out their phone and scan it with a scanner app. 

But if you are using QR codes not as a shopper but as a business owner, you are probably wondering how this simple technology works.  

Basically, QR codes are used to store and share various types of information such as text, video, image, trigger action and many more. Once this information is encoded using a QR code generator tool, they appear in a square-shaped black-and-white matrix. 

To create a QR code for free, you can check out QR Code Generator Hub. It is a free tool that you can use to customize QR code designs to align your brand. They also have unlimited scanning and free tracking features that you can use. 

Benefits of QR Codes in Personal Shopping

It is common knowledge that QR codes can be used for marketing and advertising purposes. Primarily, this is one of the best ways to maximize the QR code’s ability to instantly share information. 

But beyond this, QR codes have more possibilities to offer especially when employed properly. Here are some of them:
  • Contactless shopping experience: QR code technology is extremely convenient and flexible in that they are able to make contactless shopping possible. With the use of QR codes, you enable customers to browse and purchase products by just using their phones and without going outside. 
  • Convenient product browsing: If you want to create a positive shopping environment for your customer digitally, QR codes can also help you with that. You can link QR codes with detailed product information including specifications, pricing, video demo and reviews. This information are important for customers to make informed purchasing decisions and at the same time gain their trust. 
  • Enhanced customer engagement: Employing QR codes opens many possibilities for businesses to engage with their customers. Business owners can include videos, virtual tours, and customer testimonials to offer an interactive experience. 

Best Practices for QR Code Usage

Part of effectively implementing QR codes is to combine them with proper practices to optimize their results. Listed below are some of the practices that you should keep in mind:
  • Provide clear and concise instructions on how to scan and use the QR codes. 
  • Make sure to create an appealing QR code design to display a professional image. 
  • Test the QR code with multiple devices and dedicated scanner apps. 
  • Regularly update and check the QR code to ensure functionality. 
  • Display the QR codes in areas where it is visible to your customers. 
For more QR code usage tips, feel free to visit the free online resource in our Academy and Youtube channel

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