How Do I Create a QR Code for Google Photos?

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Sally Wright Jun 6, 2023
Creating a QR code for Google Photos is relatively simple. Unlike other tools that require you to have technical knowledge, generating an image QR code does not require any skills. All you need is your creativity and a free QR code generator tool that you can use. 

What tool do we recommend for this? Well, we know a user-friendly tool that you can use and that is QR Code Generator Hub. 

Here’s how you can use this free tool:

Step 1: Prepare the Google photo that you wanted to store or link in a QR code. 
Step 2: Open your browser and head to QR Code Generator Hub
Step 3: Look for the “Target” panel and choose the “Image” option. 
Step 4: Drag or upload the QR code that you recently prepared on your computer. 
Step 5: Once uploaded, you can proceed with customization to make it visually appealing. 
Step 6: Click the “Free Download” button and you are done!

Before we forget, QR Code Generator also offers additional features that you can use for marketing campaigns. They provide unlimited scanning and free tracking features for all their users. Don’t worry they are for FREE, no cap!

8 Example Use Cases for Image QR Codes

Curious how you can use image QR codes? Here are some ways to do it:
  1. Event Invitations: Attaching QR codes in event invitations or tickets to enable guests access to event details, maps, schedules, or unique stuff.
  2. Tourist attractions: QR codes can be placed at tourist sites or landmarks to provide tourists with historical information, audio guides, or virtual tours of the region.
  3. Marketing and advertising campaigns: Including codes in print or digital advertisements provides online users with access to promotional films, discount codes, or other product information just by scanning the code.
  4. Personal picture albums: Integrating QR codes in photo albums helps in the creation of digital galleries that can be scanned to view photographs without the requirement for file transfers or social networking sites.
  5. Real estate listings: Incorporating QR codes enables buyers to scan the code and access high-quality pictures, virtual tours, or complete floor plans of the property.
  6. Restaurant menus: QR codes can be added to restaurant menus providing seamless access to photographs of the food, reading customer reviews, or obtaining nutritional information.
  7. Educational materials: QR codes can be included in textbooks, workbooks, or instructional posters, allowing students to scan the code and access supplemental information, interactive quizzes, or video lectures.
  8. Business cards: You can add QR codes that users can scan to instantly save contact details to their devices or visit a particular web page.


Generating QR codes for images provides new possibilities for streamlined Google photo sharing. By using the simple steps outlined above, you are guaranteed to create a high-quality QR code with ease. 

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