How Do I Create a QR Code for Google Photos?

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Sally Wright Jul 16, 2024
Creating a QR code for Google Photos is relatively simple. Unlike other tools that require you to have technical knowledge, generating an image QR code does not require any skills. All you need is your creativity and a free QR code generator tool that you can use. 

What tool do we recommend for this? Well, we know a user-friendly tool that you can use and that is QR Code Generator Hub.

Google Photo QR Codes

How to Create Unlimited Dynamic QR Codes?

Here's how you can use QR Code Generator Hub to create unlimited image QR codes for free:

Step 1: Visit QR Code Generator Hub

To create QR codes, open any browser on your mobile device or desktop and go to QR Code Generator Hub. This widely-used QR code generator empowers you to create dynamic QR codes without incurring any costs.

Step 2: Upload your chosen Google image or digital content

Dynamic QR codes for images are versatile, serving various purposes based on your needs. If you intend to create a dynamic QR code directing users to a specific Google image, select the "URL" option to input the link for the image you wish to share. But if you have the Google image downloaded on your desktop, choose the "image" option among the digital content types and upload pictures directly on the field provided.

Above the text box, discover options for different digital content types like PDFs, vCards, and applications. Note that available fields may differ depending on the chosen digital content.

For example, creating a vCard QR code triggers a form for entering contact information, while an application QR code allows you to attach a download link. A notable feature of dynamic QR codes from QR Code Generator Hub is their flexibility; you can adjust their functionality even after printing.

Step 3: Customize QR Codes

Enjoy limitless and free customization options for your QR code's design on QR Code Generator Hub. Utilize this dynamic QR code generator to tweak the logo, colors, style, border, and text to align with your brand and specific use case.

Step 4: Download your personalized Dynamic QR code

If you're not registered, simply click the download button to save the dynamic QR code to your computer. If you've signed up, select the appropriate file format to ensure compatibility with your intended device.

Step 5: Integrate the QR code into your marketing materials

Incorporate your QR code into your marketing materials, whether in print or digital form. Ensure it is prominently placed for easy visibility by your customers or audience.

A significant advantage is the ease with which you can modify the functionality of your dynamic QR codes by logging in, eliminating the need for reprinting or adapting to changing marketing priorities.

Before we forget, QR Code Generator also offers additional features that you can use for marketing campaigns. They provide unlimited scanning, customization, downloads and robust dynamic QR code tracking features for all their users. Don't worry they are for FREE, no cap!

8 Example Use Cases for QR Codes for Photos

Curious how you can use image QR codes? Here are some ways to do it:

Event Invitations

When it comes to organizing events, QR codes embedded in invitations or tickets offer a streamlined way for guests to access event details, maps, schedules, or exclusive content. This not only enhances the guest experience but also simplifies event logistics for organizers.

Tourist Attractions

Tourist sites and landmarks can leverage QR codes to provide visitors with historical information, audio guides, or virtual tours of the region. This interactive approach enriches the visitor experience and adds depth to their exploration.

Personal Picture Albums

Dynamic QR codes integrated into photo albums create digital galleries that can be easily accessed by scanning the code. This eliminates the need for file transfers or reliance on social networking sites, offering a convenient way to share memories with friends and family.

Real Estate Listings

In the real estate industry, dynamic QR codes on property listings allow potential buyers to scan and access high-quality pictures, virtual tours, or complete floor plans of the property. This immersive experience aids in decision-making and enhances the property viewing process.

Restaurant Menus

QR codes on restaurant menus provide diners with seamless access to photographs of food items, customer reviews, nutritional information, or special offers. This empowers customers to make informed choices and enhances their dining experience.

Educational Materials 

Dynamic QR codes can be integrated into textbooks, workbooks, or instructional posters in educational settings. Students can scan the code to access supplemental information, interactive quizzes, video lectures, or additional resources, promoting a dynamic learning environment.

Business Cards 

Incorporating QR codes into business cards enables recipients to scan and instantly save contact details to their devices or visit specific web pages related to the individual or business. This facilitates networking and enhances the utility of traditional business cards.


Generating QR codes for images provides new possibilities for streamlined Google photo sharing. By using the simple steps outlined above, you are guaranteed to create a high-quality QR code with ease. 

If you'd like to explore how you can use dynamic QR codes for your specific business needs, feel free to check out our Academy for more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Google Photos read QR code?

Google Photos itself does not have a built-in QR code reader. However, you can use Google Lens, which is integrated with Google Photos, to scan QR codes. Simply open the photo containing the QR code in Google Photos and tap the Google Lens icon to scan the code.

How to scan Google QR code?

To scan a Google QR code, open the Google Lens app or Google Assistant on your phone. Point the camera at the QR code and wait for it to recognize the code. Once recognized, the link or information embedded in the QR code will be displayed, and you can follow the link or view the details.

Can I scan a QR code from a screenshot?

Yes, you can scan a QR code from a screenshot. Open the screenshot in an app like Google Photos, then use Google Lens to scan the QR code within the image. On an iPhone, you can use the built-in Photos app with a QR code scanner app to achieve the same result.

How do I open a QR code on my Google phone?

On a Google phone, you can use the Google Lens app or Google Camera app to scan and open a QR code. Simply point your camera at the QR code and wait for it to recognize and display the link or information. Tap on the link or info to open it.

How to open a QR code on your phone iPhone?

On an iPhone, you can use the built-in Camera app to scan QR codes. Open the Camera app, point it at the QR code, and a notification will appear with the link or information embedded in the code. Tap the notification to open the link or view the information.
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