How Do I Find the QR Code for an Image?

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Jonathan Palley Jun 6, 2023
There are many ways to generate a QR code for an image such as scanner apps, graphic design software and online QR code generators. But if you are looking for a more convenient and efficient way, we highly suggest that you stick with QR code generators. There are tons of FREE QR code generators online that offer advanced features, allowing you to create a QR code within seconds. 

One great tool that can make this possible is QR Code Generator Hub. This free tool offers free full customization with a simple but powerful user interface. 

Want to learn how to use this? Here’s a short but complete step-by-step guide for you:
Step 1: Visit QR Code Generator Hub in your browser and look for the “Target” panel. 
Step 2: In the “Target” panel, click the “Images” option to start. 
Step 3: Drag or upload the image file that you wanted to store in the QR code. 
Step 4: After uploading, customize the QR code by adding a logo, color, text, frame and style. 
Step 5: Once finished, you can now hit the “Free Download” button to generate your own image QR code.

Don’t forget that you can also use QR Code Generator Hub to monitor your image QR code campaign performance. This is because they have unlimited scanning and built-in tracking features for all their users WITH NO CHARGE.  

Benefits of Using Image QR Codes

The sudden popularity of the QR code made it a common sight for everyone when visiting any business establishment. And by using images with it, QR codes can offer various benefits such as:
  • QR codes are visually appealing and capable of attracting the attention of consumers.
  • QR codes help improve branding and marketing efforts.
  • QR codes allow you a variety of customization choices.
  • Analytics and tracking are available for QR codes.
  • QR codes work with a variety of mobile devices.
  • QR codes promote user connection and engagement.
These are some of the key benefits of image QR codes. To learn more about its benefits for different businesses, you can visit the free online resource found in our Academy and Youtube channel.

Example Use cases for Image QR codes

Listed below are some ways to use image QR codes:
  • Art galleries and museums: You can display QR codes next to artwork or exhibits, providing visitors with access to supplementary information, high-resolution images, or videos relating to the piece.
  • Product packaging: Placing QR codes on product packaging helps customers to instantly view product manuals, assembly instructions, warranty information, or promotional content.
  • Real estate listings: Including QR codes in property listings allows potential buyers to scan the code and access high-quality photos, virtual tours, or complete floor plans of the property.
  • Restaurant menus: Using QR codes also provides secure access for customers to view photographs of the food, read customer feedback, or access nutritional details.
  • Educational materials: QR codes can be embedded in textbooks, workbooks, or instructional posters, providing students with access to additional facts, interactive quizzes, or video lectures.

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