How to Generate QR Code for PDF File Free?

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Jonathan Palley Jun 2, 2023
There are several ways to create a QR code for a PDF file for free. You can do it with QR code generator applications, coding or programming methods or the best and easiest way, online QR Code Generators. 

Using QR code generators like QR Code Generator Hub are user-friendly tools that allow you to create QR codes in just a few clicks. They also offer additional services, such as unlimited scanning, customer support and tracking, which are beneficial for marketing campaigns. 

To use this free tool, here are some steps that you can follow to create a PDF QR code:

Step 1: Prepare the PDF file that you wanted to generate a QR code for and head to QR Code Generator.
Step 2: In the website hover to the “Target” panel and click the “PDF option. 
Step 3: Attach or upload the file from your computer.
Step 4: Customize the logo, color, text, shape and frame of the QR code to make it appealing to online users. 
Step 5: Hit the “Free Download” button and you already have a fully-functional PDF QR Code that you can use.  

Importance of QR Codes for PDF Files

In today’s digital age, QR codes have become extremely popular for many individuals and professionals wanting to share information, especially PDFs. 

There are many reasons why people prefer to use PDF QR codes, rather than sending them in plain file format. Listed below are some of their benefits:
  • PDF QR codes offer a convenient way to link physical and digital content. 
  • PDF QR codes help to enhance user experience with instant information sharing. 
  • PDF QR codes can be used by businesses for their product catalogs, event flyers and websites. 

Example Use Cases of PDF QR Codes

PDF QR codes can be used in a variety of ways including:
  • Resumes and Portfolios: Add a PDF QR code on your resume or portfolio to make it easier for future employers or clients to download and evaluate your full qualifications or sample works.
  • Event Tickets: Create PDF QR codes for digital event tickets that guests may easily store and present for admittance.
  • Event Programs: Create a PDF QR code for event programs so that attendees can simply download and view the full schedule, speaker bios, and session descriptions.
  • Educational Materials: In educational contexts, you can use PDF QR codes to provide supplementary materials such as study guides, handouts, or reference sheets, giving students instant access to additional resources.
  • Menus and Recipes: Include PDF QR codes in restaurant menus or recipe books to give customers access to full menus, nutrition information, or thorough cooking instructions.
  • Magazine and newspaper: Stories should include PDF QR codes that allow readers to access related content, expanded interviews, or multimedia elements on their digital devices.
There are many ways how you can employ QR codes to fit your needs. In this case, all you need is your creativity and a PDF file. 

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