How to Get a QR Code for a Picture?

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Jonathan Palley Jun 6, 2023
Generating QR codes has become more accessible than ever. Nowadays, there are a growing number of free QR code generator tools available which means that you can easily create one. One popular and powerful tool that can help you with this is QR Code Generator Hub.

With this tool, you can fully customize the QR code design, and get unlimited scanning and tracking features all for FREE. What you have to do is to prepare the image and your creativity to create a high-quality QR code. 

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you use the QR code generator tool:

Step 1: Go to QR Code Generator Hub in your browser and hover over the “target” panel.
Step 2: In the Target panel, choose the “images” to get started. 
Step 3: Upload or drag the file that you wanted to link to a QR code. 
Step 4: After uploading, customize the QR code design to make it visually appealing and professional. 
Step 5: Hit the “Free Download” button and you are done!

To learn more QR code tips, you can visit the free online resource in our Academy and Youtube channel

Benefits of Using Image QR Codes

QR codes have become increasingly popular in recent years due to their flexibility and ability to provide instant access to information. But beyond these features, these dimensional barcodes can offer more benefits that go beyond what you can imagine. 

Listed below are some of them:
  • QR codes are visually stunning and capable of capturing consumer attention
  • QR codes can enhance branding and marketing initiatives
  • QR codes offer a range of customization options.
  • QR codes are supported with analytics and tracking.
  • QR codes are compatible with different mobile devices.
  • QR codes help to increase user interaction and engagement

Example Use Cases of Image QR Codes

After learning the benefits of employing image QR codes, let’s now get into the various ways to employ them. Knowing this can help you set a foundation to further improve your marketing. 

Here are some examples that you can draw inspiration from:
  1. Art galleries and museums: Displaying QR codes next to artwork or exhibits, facilitates instant access to supplementary information, high-resolution photographs, or videos relating to the piece.
  2. Product packaging: Attaching QR codes to product packaging offers customers access to product guides, installation instructions, warranty information, or promotional content.
  3. Event invitations: Including QR codes in event invitations or tickets allows participants to access event details, maps, schedules, or unique material.
  4. Tourist attractions: You can add QR codes at tourist sites or landmarks to provide historical information, audio guides, or virtual tours of the location to tourists.
  5. Business cards: QR codes can be included in business cards, enabling recipients to scan the code and quickly save contact information to their devices or visit a specific website.
These are some of the ways to employ QR codes. Always keep them in mind to unlock more benefits from using image QR codes.

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