How to Make a QR Code for a Facebook Page?

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Sally Wright Jun 8, 2023
With the increasing popularity of QR codes, leveraging them to promote your Facebook page and boost engagement is a smart choice. And if you are wondering how you can create them, the only thing that you need is an online QR code generator. There are tons of free tools like this online that allow you to create high-quality QR codes in a matter of seconds. 

One popular tool that is made for this purpose is QR Code Generator Hub. 

By using this free tool, you can create a QR code design for free as well as use its built-in tracking feature. In particular, this can help you keep track of QR code performance when running a campaign.

Keep reading to learn more about how to create a Facebook QR code with  QR Code Generator Hub. 

Why Use QR Codes for a Facebook Page

QR codes are an invaluable asset in the world of digital marketing. There are many popular reasons why many people use QR codes to promote their Facebook pages. 

Here are some of its benefits:
  • QR codes provide a convenient way for online users to access and engage your page.
  • QR codes can be applied to print and digital advertisements. 
  • QR codes can help amplify your reach and visibility.
  • QR codes are compatible with various mobile devices or smartphones. 
You can explore the other benefits of QR codes for your business by checking out the free online resource in our Academy and Youtube channel

Steps to Create a QR Code for a Facebook Page

Still not sure how to create a Facebook QR code? Here’s a simple and easy-to-follow guide for you!

Step 1: Open your browser and search for QR Code Generator Hub.
Step 2: Hover to the “Target” panel and click the “URL” option beside it. 
Step 3: Under URL, you will have to enter or paste the link to your Facebook page. 
Step 4: Once you have inputted your link, you can now proceed with customizing the QR code design. You can add a logo, color, shape, text and frame.
Step 5: If you feel like you are set and satisfied with the QR design, hit the “Free Download” button and you are done. 

Example Use Cases for Facebook QR Code

 Listed below are some popular ways to use QR codes:
  • Product packaging: Include a QR code on your product packaging that leads visitors to your Facebook page, where they can leave reviews, share feedback, and contact customer service.
  • Networking events: Create QR codes for networking event attendees that may be read by others to connect and exchange contact information on Facebook.
  • Restaurant menus: QR codes on menus can direct guests to their Facebook page for reviews, updates, or the chance to offer comments.
  • Non-profit organizations: You can use QR codes to connect viewers to their Facebook page, where they can learn more about the cause, make donations, or get involved.
  • Customer service and support: Adding a QR code on support documents or customer service materials allows users to go directly to your Facebook page for help or concerns.

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