What are the different actions I can choose when setting up QR code settings?

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Jonathan Palley Aug 3, 2023
There are many ways to efficiently manage your event ticketing and admissions with the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify
QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app is more than just a tool to create unique and personalized QR codes.  
If you just dig deeper, you can find a range of features like different QR code actions that can benefit your ticketing process.  
Are you ready to explore these actions? Let’s dive into it! 

Understanding QR Code Settings 

Before we dive into the actions, let's get familiar with QR code settings. 
In your Shopify store, the QR Code Generator Hub app is your go-to tool for creating and managing QR codes.  
One essential feature is the "Order QR Codes."  

This feature allows you to generate unique QR codes for each ticket order or admission pass purchase. 
But most importantly, this is also where you can choose the different QR code actions. 

This way, every customer receives a personalized dynamic QR code, making their ticketing experience smoother and more secure. 

Exploring Different Actions for QR Code Settings 

The app offers various actions, but we'll focus on the most intriguing one: "Action with Scan - QR Code Scan History."  

What does this do? It enables you to track the history of each QR code's scans.  

Think of it as a digital trail of your tickets' journey! Setting limits on QR code usage is another option.  

If your event is one-time-only, set it to one use. Hosting a rental service? Allow multiple uses, perhaps up to ten times. You can even apply these limits on a per-product basis.  
Listed below are the other actions that you can choose from based on your QR code needs: 
  • Open status of the order 
  • Open the admin/fulfillment page of the order 
  • Open the product page of the first item in the order 
  • Add all products from the order to cart 
  • Open the home page of your store 
  • Open custom URL 

Integrating QR Codes into the Ticketing System 

Ready to get started with dynamic QR code ticketing? Just follow these five easy steps: 
Step 1: Start by accessing your Shopify store admin and navigating to the "Apps" section.  

Use the search bar to find and install the "QR Code Generator Hub" app from the Shopify app store. Simply click "Add app" to install it.