Our "No B.S." Content Rule

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Jonathan Palley Oct 20, 2021

Go to other QR Code generator sites and you will find they are filled with long articles about using QR Codes in all different kinds of situations. It seems helpful. But start reading those articles and you will realize that they are repetitive, poorly written, and fairly useless. Why?

Simple – these companies are writing for Google, not their users. They’ve been told that long articles mean better SEO. So, they utilize AI content writers to barf out lengthy pieces with carefully chosen headlines to try and appease the SEO gods.

The problem is it hurts YOU. You are just trying to find the information you need quickly and to move on with your life. You don’t want to read Tolstoy just to learn how to use colors in QR Codes. You don’t want to want to make your way through the Odyssey just to understand the difference between barcodes and QR Codes.

So we won’t do it. Our QR Code Academy is short and to the point and aims to answer the questions we get most often.

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