About QR Code Generator Hub

  • Founded 2010
  • Financial Status Profitable
  • Ownership Private
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QR Code Generator Hub is the QR Code division of Brainpage Ltd. Brainpage is a privately held boutique web-based software development company. It is owner-operated.

We believe in ethical, user-friendly and secure software. Our experience with existing QR Code generators was anything but this. Popular existing products use “black-hat” marketing techniques to trick users into paying for software they don’t need and then can’t get out of using. They charge for features that they really shouldn’t charge for.

We decided to make QR Code software that we wanted to use. That starts with making it FREE to make unlimited dyanmic QR codes (everyone else charges for this). Dynamic QR codes are key to making QR codes easy to use.

The company has developed software for the advertising, big-data, consumer electronics, medical devices and e-commerce industries. The company was founded in 2010 and has been profitable since its inception.

You can contact us at hello@qrcodegeneratorhub.com or via phone, at +1-415-223-1327