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The #1 QR Code Generator App for Shopify

Shopify Merchants using our app did over $50B of revenue in 2022. Here’s what they are saying:

This is a one-stop shop for cost-effective QR Codes and QR Code Marketing, while somehow making expensive paid apps look shabby by comparison. I really cannot say enough nice things about this...

Best QR Code app hands down. Literally no reason to look any further. It is really efficient. I have given the QR Codes to people to help promote the business and it is really good at allowing me to identify who is getting people to scan their codes. I just wish...i just wish...nothing this app is perfect like it is

Easy, works, and free. Can't beat that.

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Why Shopify Merchants love our app:

Shopify Deeply Integrated

Create QR Codes that link to product pages, checkout, shopping cart and more. Automatically add discount codes.

High Efficiency

Batch create QR Codes for all your products

Track Scans & Usage

Track orders and scans from QR Codes. Integrate into Google Analytics.


Plus, QR Code Generator Hub for Shopify Includes:

Thousands of Styles

Logo, text, color, frame, eye shapes ... You can customize everything!

"... Easy to use and the fact it give analytics is a great help when trying to gauge the success of a project. ..."

"Great usage to track and create customizable QR code designs. ..."

"... It helps me gauge traffic and original source of my customers :) Super easy to use and very helpful data."

In depth reporting

Get detail of every scan, scan trend chart, location distribution, etc.

And the most important!

Great Custom Service

"The customer service more then excellent and they action your request faster then light speed. ..."

"I called the phone number listed on their website for support and got someone immediately. I then followed up with an email and they quickly fixed my mistake! Their prompt reply and willingness to help me despite being on a free version of their app is so appreciated."