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This is a one-stop shop for cost-effective QR Codes and QR Code Marketing, while somehow making expensive paid apps look shabby by comparison. I really cannot say enough nice things about this...

Easy, works, and free. Can't beat that.

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Our vCard QR Code are:

Performance driven

Track scans and useage.

Worry free

Change the destination URL at anytime


Seriously, we only for advanced pro features

QR Code Generator Hub is the ethical QR Code Generator.

Your QR Codes are guaranteed to always work.

Most popular QR code generators trick you into creating dynamic QR codes and then charge you to keep them working. We think that's a scam. Our QR Codes are always guaranteed to work. That's why major online brands trust us to help power over $100B of online sales.

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Create Dynamic QR Codes FREE + UNLIMITED $ + Limited
Update Dynamic QR Codes FREE + UNLIMITED $ + Limited
Scan QR Codes FREE + UNLIMITED $ + Limited
Track Scans FREE + UNLIMITED $$
Track Advanced Scan Metrics FREE + UNLIMITED $$$
Add a logo FREE + UNLIMITED $$
Use custom styles FREE + UNLIMITED $$
Use your own domain $ $$$$
Add multi-users to account $ $$$

Worry-free Dynamic QR Codes - FREE

Dynamic QR Codes are guaranteed to always work after you print them. Never worry about a typo or new web design breaking your QR Codes. With dynamic QR codes you can you update what they do at any time.

Unlimited Scans - FREE

Unlike other QR Code Generators, we don't charge you for scans. Every QR Code you create on QR Code Generator Hub includes unlimited scans.

Track you scans - FREE

Optimize your QR Code use by tracking when and how they are used. Gain new insights into your users. Track comissions. Increase conversion rates.

Expert Support - FREE

We offer expert support through phone and email. Contact us at any time.

Add your logo and style - FREE

Make QR codes fit your brand style and add your logo. Choose from hundreds of designer options and pre-made styles.

Use your domain - Pro

Use your own domain as the "redirect" for the QR Codes. The Dynamic QR Code will never touch our domain

Share your contact information with ease.

A vCard QR Code can help you network like a pro.

Use Cases

Consultants and Bankers

Give clients your full contact information to make it easier for them to stay in touch.


Link to your hotel (or airbnb) info and map to give your guests everything they need to get around and get back.


Add vCard QR Codes to you dog's collar - so someone who find your furry friend has all your contact info to get him back!


Add vCard QR Codes to your luggage to make it easy for airlines to get in contact with you.

Real Estate Agents

Give your clients or prospective buyers a better way to get in touch.

Share your complete contact info in a snap

Give people more ways to reach you. vCard QR Codes include all your key contact info (and a profile picture!)

Make the QR Code match your style

The vCard is all about you. So make it much your style - with your colors, logo, framing and more.