Are Free QR Codes Permanent?

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Jonathan Palley Jun 27, 2023
Free QR codes definitely serve their purposes based on your varying needs. However, their permanence may vary depending on the policy of your chosen service provider or QR code generator tool. 

Simply put, as long as the generator tool states that their QR codes are permanent and free, then you should not worry about facing any issues along the way. 

With that in mind, it is crucial for you to ensure that you choose a reliable and reputable QR code generator like QR Code Generator Hub. 

Understanding QR Codes

To help you better understand the lifespan of QR codes, let’s dive into what they actually are and how they work. 

Basically, QR codes or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are used to store different types of information. It can be a PDF, URL, image, vCard, video and many more. 

This information is then stored in a black-and-white matrix which is then scanned using a smartphone and a scanner app. Doing this provides instant access to digital content stated previously. 

Now, there are actually two primary types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic. Knowing these two may come in handy, especially when generating your own QR code for your individual or business needs. 

Static QR codes are a type of QR code that contains fixed information that cannot be altered or changed once generated. 

Meanwhile, dynamic QR codes are modifiable which means that you can update the linked content anytime you want. And the best thing about this is changing the content does not affect the QR code design itself. 

Generating Free QR Codes with QR Code Generator Hub

Creating free QR codes using QR Code Generator Hub can offer numerous advantages, regardless if you are a business or an individual. 

With this reliable tool, you can easily generate high-quality QR codes without any financial investment. Plus, you should also take note that they provide unlimited scanning and built-in tracking features for free. 

Here’s how you can create a free and permanent dynamic QR code with QR Code Generator Hub:
Step 1: Open a web browser and go to QR Code Generator Hub
Step 2: Look for the website's "Target" panel and select the type of dynamic QR code you want to create. 
Step 3: Enter information about the digital content or data that will be encoded in the QR code into the relevant fields.
Step 4: To personalize the QR code design, include a logo, color, font, frame, and shape. 
Step 5: Once you've finished customizing, click the "Free Download" button to finish the procedure. 

Best Practices for QR Code Usage

Whether you are using free or paid QR codes, we listed some of the most important practices you should know when employing QR codes. Here are some of them:
  • Ensure the QR codes are scannable by testing them with multiple devices and scanner apps. 
  • Place the QR codes in strategic and prominent locations to maximize their accessibility and visibility. 
  • Regularly track and monitor the performance of the QR codes to gather valuable data.
These are everything you need to know about free dynamic QR codes. If you want to learn more, feel free to visit the online resource in our Academy and Youtube channel

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