How Many Times Can a Free QR Code Be Scanned?

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Sally Wright Jun 28, 2023
There are many factors to be considered when we talk about the number of times a free QR code can be scanned. This includes the terms and conditions set by the QR code service provider and the duration of the QR code campaign. 

For instance, some QR code service providers impose these restrictions to encourage users to upgrade to paid options. This marketing strategy is their way to increase their overall sales from their services. 

While free QR codes have certain limits to some providers, there are also free QR code generator tools that allow unlimited scanning. Reliable tools like QR Code Generator Hub, do not only offer full customization but also unlimited scanning and a tracking feature for free. 

How to Create a Free QR Code with QR Code Generator Hub?

If you are starting a QR code campaign with a limited budget, then considering QR Code Generator Hub is the perfect choice. 

Using this tool’s free package services, you can have access to a range of features that can help boost your visibility and sales. Aside from this, QR Code Generator Hub offers a user-friendly interface, making it easy to generate a QR code. 

Here’s how you can use it:
Step 1: Open a web browser and go to QR Code Generator Hub. 
Step 2: Navigate to the website's "Target" section and select the type of dynamic QR code you want to create. 
Step 3: Enter information about the digital content or data that will be encoded in the QR code into the relevant fields.
Step 4: To personalize the QR code design, include a logo, color, font, frame, and shape. 
Step 5: Once you've finished customizing, simply click the "Free Download" button to finish the procedure. 

If you are needing advanced functionality, you can also consider an upgraded feature with pricing that aligns with the value it provides. Depending on your business needs, free or paid features can significantly benefit your business to boost its growth. 

Example Use Cases for Dynamic QR Codes

While scanning limits have an impact on a user’s scanning experience, there are also other factors that you have to take into account such as the way you are using QR codes. 
To help you maximize the potential of QR code technology, we have listed some ways to employ them:
  • Feedback and surveys: You may also use dynamic QR codes to collect feedback and perform surveys. Businesses can acquire valuable information by modifying the wording of the QR code and redirecting customers to other questionnaires or feedback forms.
  • Emergency information: Dynamic QR codes can be placed in public places or on identification cards to distribute emergency information. The QR code's content can be modified to include emergency contact information, medical information, or evacuation procedures.
  • Customized offers or discounts: Dynamic QR codes can be used to provide customized offers or discounts based on the consumer's preferences or shopping history. Businesses can adapt discounts to certain client segments by changing the code content, increasing the effectiveness of marketing initiatives.

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