How to Track QR Codes in Shopify

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Sally Wright Mar 11, 2024
Looking for ways to improve customer engagement and increase online conversion for your business in Shopify? Great news for you because your search has finally come to an end.

With the help of our QR Code Designer app in Shopify, you will be able to get detailed reports on which QR Codes are leading to the most visits and sales.

QR codes have grown in popularity as an online marketing and e-commerce tool to provide a quick way to generate codes to direct customers to your online store, checkout page or other discount code

In this QR Code Academy article, we'll show you how to access these Shopify reports and give you a detailed background on how exactly the tracking works.

Understanding QR codes

Before we get into the importance of QR codes and how their tracking works, it is important that we first dive into what Shopify QR codes are.

Essentially, QR or Quick Response code is a barcode attribute that contains information in its square-shaped pixels. These pixels are then scanned using mobile devices for various purposes such as:
  • Direct links for app downloads
  • Account authentication
  • Payment transactions
  • Links shoppers to online store products

Why is tracking Shopify QR Codes Important?

And as a Shopify store owner, you need to know that tracking QR codes on mobile phones is a crucial factor to determine their effectiveness in driving traffic and sales to your Shopify store or app store website.

Not tracking QR codes used for your marketing campaign is like running a business without a direction or goal for growth.

You won't know which QR codes drive more traffic, which products are scanned the most or even the customer attitudes toward the QR codes.

Always remember that regularly tracking QR codes on Shopify allows your business to gather valuable insights. These can help you to improve and optimize your marketing strategy to better serve your customer and increase sales.

3 Simple Steps to Viewing Shopify Reports

Now that you know the role of generating QR codes for your business, it's time to get started on how to view its performance.

By following these steps, you will be able to have a more streamlined and simpler process to track QR code performance. Here's how you will do it:

STEP 1: To view the reports on your QR Codes, log in to your Shopify store admin and click on “Analytics -> Reports”. Then, look for the “Marketing” card. 
STEP 2: There are two possible reports you can use: “Sessions attributed to marketing” and “Sales attributed to marketing”. The first report gives insight into visits to your site while the second shows sales. Clicking on a report and the first column you will see is “UTM campaign name”. The UTM campaign name is the name you gave the QR code in the Shopify or app dashboard. Here, you can easily see which QR codes are leading to what traffic and sales.
STEP 3: If you are also seeing other data, you can easily filter to just see QR code data. Click on “Manage Filters” and then “Add Filter”. Choose “UTM campaign medium” to filter by “Qr_code”.

How Tracking Works: UTM Parameters

UTM parameters are an internet-standard way to track referrals. These are simple codes that are added to the website URL or link, right after the domain name.

Originally developed by the predecessor of Google Analytics (and now widely used by Google Analytics and other Google products such as Adwords), UTM parameters allow you to get detailed information on how someone reached your site.

For example, UTM parameters are often used for tracking social media activity or in email marketing.

Shopify natively supports UTM parameters in their reports. This means when you use UTM with your store, the Shopify app stores and processes the UTM information.

Advantages of UTM:

  • Track and analyze digital marketing campaigns and measure ROI across various online platforms with ease.
  • Gather accurate data on the website traffic source and where conversion happens.
  • A/B testing for marketing materials to be used.

UTM Parameters + QR Codes

Our QR Code Designer app for Shopify natively and automatically supports UTM parameters – you don't need to do anything!

What this means, is that whenever a QR Code is scanned, the resulting visit to your site is tagged with UTM parameters. The UTM campaign name is the name of the QR Code (set in the QR Code Designer app) and the UTM media is “qr_code”.

Benefits of Using Dynamic QR Code Designer App for Shopify

In addition to the UTM parameter support feature, the QR Code Designer app has more features to offer that you shouldn't miss out on.

So how can this marketing tool help scale and level up your online business? Well, it goes beyond what you expect!

Shopify merchants use QR Code Designer + Shopify Reports to:
  • Give commission to retail partners that drive the most sales/traffic to their online shop (by giving each retail partner a different QR code to use)
  • Get unlimited QR code scans and free tracking
  • Identify which mailer has the best response rate (by printing different QR codes on different mailers in an A/B test)
  • Determine what offline promotion leads to the best ROI.
  • And more!

Best Practices for Shopify QR Code Tracking

To maximize the benefits of QR code tracking, it is essential to follow the best practices to ensure its effectiveness in your marketing strategy.

Here are some ways to track stunning dynamic QR codes easily:
  • Consider the placement of the Shopify QR codes in your marketing materials and website. Choose prominent locations where your target audiences can see it.
  • Don't forget to include and create QR codes for customized checkout links to promote discount codes, winning products or collections from your website.
  • Make it a habit to regularly monitor QR code analytics to identify trends and if there is a need for optimization.


Dynamic QR code generator apps are today's most valuable tool to grow an online business. It allows your business to create QR codes to drive traffic and increase sales by just simply tracking the QR code's performance and continuously optimizing it.

Remember that a dynamic QR code is a powerful tool when combined with proper practices.

And with the help of QR Code Generator Hub's QR Code Designer for Shopify and Shopify Reports you can not only create dynamic QR Codes for your Shopify store but also track their performance in detail.

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