Dynamic QR Codes on Tickets

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Jonathan Palley Feb 26, 2024
If you are a moviegoer or someone who loves visiting different places using public transportation, chances are you have encountered a QR code on tickets. QR codes are commonly used on tickets these days as it provides enhanced security, contactless entry and additional information and perks to their holder. 

Keep reading as we break down the benefits of using QR codes on tickets and different events that can employ QR codes.

Types of Tickets that Utilize Dynamic QR Codes

QR codes have transformed the ticketing industry by providing an efficient and more convenient method of accessing event information. 

By simply scanning a QR code with a smartphone, people can easily view event details such as date, time, location, rule and even a map to get directions to the venue. 

So what are the types of tickets that utilize QR codes? 

QR codes can be seen on a variety of tickets, including:
  • Concert and event tickets
  • Public transportation tickets
  • Airline tickets
  • Movie tickets
These tickets often employ QR as this allows the ticket holder to access event information. But on the side of the ticket provider, it enables them to gain access to the authenticity of the data. This helps in preventing fraud and abuse of their ticketing system.

Benefits of Using Dynamic QR Codes on Tickets

After learning the types of tickets that use QR codes, you are probably wondering why they use them in the first place. In fact, there are many alternative ways to access event details without the use of QR codes. 

However, many businesses still opt to employ QR codes for their business. This is due to the fact that QR codes are way more convenient than other methods. It even has a lot of benefits which we will be discussing in this part. 

Here are some of the benefits of implementing QR codes on tickets:

Security and fraud prevention

Just as technology advances, various ways to commit fraud also evolve. And by using QR codes on tickets, businesses can increase their security and prevent fraudulent acts. 

Keep in mind that QR codes can be uniquely generated which means that they cannot be easily replicated. Moreover, businesses use QR codes to monitor the number of scanning. This helps detect any suspicious activity like repeated use of QR codes.

Contactless entry and ease of use

With QR codes, business staff does not need to make any additional screening to verify the identity of ticket holders. They can just simply scan the QR codes with their scanners to access the ticket holder information. 
This helps streamline and better organize their process, reducing waiting time at entry points. 

Access to information and perks

One of the popular benefits of QR codes is easy access to information. By simply scanning the QR codes, ticket holders can unlock the information that is included with their purchased ticket. 

They can view details such as the following:
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Merchandise
  • Special event access
  • Freebies
To use QR codes for images, simply visit QR Code Generator Hub and upload the image you want to store.

Sustainable to the environment

QR codes can also be utilized to eliminate unnecessary waste for physical tickets. For instance, they can remove excess parts of the ticket to reduce printing costs and paper waste. 

Track ticket sales

Businesses can leverage QR codes to track and monitor their ticket sales. This allows them to make better pricing and marketing decision for their future events. 

Best Practices for Using Dynamic QR Codes on Tickets

Qr codes have been widely implemented by various industries and received positive results after their use. Eventbrite, Japanese Railways and AMC Theater have successfully integrated the use of QR codes into their system that helping streamline their process.

However, keep in mind that this is only possible if QR codes are properly implemented. To maximize its effectiveness and avoid risks, here are some of the best practices to follow:
  • Consider the placement of QR codes on the tickets. Place it in a prominent part of the ticket for easy scanning
  • Thoroughly test the QR codes before fully implementing them. This prevents unnecessary issues when it is scanned and prevents any suspicious activities. 
  • Use QR Code Generator Hub to create your QR code. They provide unlimited scanning and free tracking to help you stay on top of your business processes. This free QR code generator also allows its users to create and personalize their QR codes free of charge.


The use of dynamic QR codes has gradually transformed the landscape of how we interact with events, transportation and entertainment. By using dynamic QR codes, people have now unlocked improved security and convenience to access additional information and perks. 

As businesses continue to adapt to meet their customers’ demands, expect that more and more industries will jump into integrating QR codes.


How do you use QR code tickets?

There are many ways to use QR code tickets. One way is to use them as digital tickets for an upcoming event. This can be done by scanning the QR code on the ticket to get access to the full event page. Another way to use QR code tickets is to use them as coupons. This can be done by scanning the QR code on the ticket to get a discount on a purchase.

Do screenshots of QR codes work for tickets?

No, screenshots of QR codes will not work for tickets. The QR code must be scanned in order to validate tickets to work.

How do I create a QR code for event tickets?

To create a QR code for event tickets, you will need to use a QR code generator. There are many free online QR code generators, such as QR Code Generator Hub. With a QR code generator, you can create a QR code that includes your logo, colors, and your event title and information. The QR code can be printed on the event tickets. When scanned, the QR code will take the event ticket holder to your event website or ticketing page.

What is a barcode ticket?

A barcode ticket is a type of ticket that uses a barcode instead of a traditional ticket. The barcode can be scanned by a barcode reader to get information about the ticket, such as the price, the seat number, and the event.

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