QR Codes for Windows Software: A Beginner's Guide

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Sally Wright May 12, 2023
With the recent effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, it is no question that QR codes have become a huge part of our everyday lives. From product packaging to billboard advertisements, QR codes are in every corner of any place we go.  

But have you already heard of QR codes being used for Windows software applications as well?  
If not, then you may want to explore with us the best practices to know when implementing QR codes for Windows software and how it help to enhance user experience. 

What are QR codes? 

Before we start discussing the benefits, let’s first take a look at how QR codes work.  
Basically, QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are used to store large amounts of data. This includes texts, URLs, PDFs, images, videos, contact information and many more.  
And to decode the QR codes, you can use your smartphone camera or any mobile device to access information or launch applications instantly.  
You may create a QR code for Windows software by visiting QR Code Generator Hub. It is a free QR code generator that you can also use to generate personalized designs to match your software’s branding. 

This tool also features unlimited scanning and free tracking to help you gather valuable insights into the QR code’s performance.  

Best practices for implementing QR codes in Windows software 

When integrating QR codes for Windows software, one thing to keep in mind is to follow the best practices. Why? Because these practices ensure that your applications are optimized for desktops and convenient to navigate.  
Listed below are some QR code integration tips you must know: 
  • Keep it simple: Although it is important to customize a QR code to highlight your brand identity, you should still make it simple and easy to scan. Cluttering the QR codes with unnecessary designs will only make it difficult for online users to scan them. Or worse, it may trigger them to transfer to a competitor. When designing, we highly suggest using high-contrast colors to make the QR code stand out.  
  • Test the code: Just like any marketing tool, QR codes also need to go through tests to ensure their functionality. So before implementing them into your application, make sure to check that it works properly and directs users to the right content. Don’t forget to test it with a variety of devices to ensure that it is clear and scannable. 
  • Make it mobile-friendly: Always keep in mind that QR codes are commonly scanned using mobile devices. Thus, it only makes sense to ensure that your Windows application is optimized for mobile viewing.  
These are some of the benefits of using QR codes for your Windows software application.  
As QR code technology evolves, expect to see more innovative ways in how you can employ it. To maximize the advantages of using QR codes, make sure that you stay ahead of the latest changes in the market today.  
Are you ready to employ QR codes and reach further heights for your Windows software? Check out our Academy and Youtube channel for more educational content related to QR code integration. 
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