QR Codes on Displays: Unlocking the Power of Seamless Information Access

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Jonathan Palley May 25, 2023
The emergence of QR codes opened new possibilities for every business’s traditional marketing. Adding QR codes on displays helps businesses to revolutionize further the way they connect with customers and boost their advertisement campaigns. 

In this blog post, we will dive into the benefits of QR codes and how they can help scale businesses online presence. 

Understanding QR Codes

To start, let’s first look into what QR codes and how they work. 

QR or Quick Response codes are two-dimensional barcodes that store data in a black-and-white matrix. 

Initially, QR codes were developed for inventory tracking of automotive parts. But as technology evolves, there are now new and innovative ways to use QR codes which resulted in its widespread adoption. 

And unlike the traditional barcodes you see, QR codes are used to store vast amounts of information such as:
  • Website URLs
  • Contact details
  • Images
  • Videos
  • PDFs and many more. 
What is even great about this technology is you can use a smartphone camera and a dedicated scanner to access its stored content. 

If you want to create your own QR code, you can visit QR Code Generator Hub to get started. It is a free tool that you can use to create personalized and customized QR code designs for your storefront displays. They also have unlimited scanning and free tracking features that you can use to monitor campaign performance. 

Benefits of Using QR Codes on Displays

Whether you are placing QR codes on your windows, billboards, posters or even your entrance doors, you are sure to generate traffic and increase engagement online. Combined with the right marketing strategy, here are some of the benefits of including QR codes on your displays:

  • Improved customer interaction: QR codes are the perfect tool to connect audiences from your print to online marketing. You can use QR codes to direct them to interactive multimedia content like product demonstrations, virtual tours and special promotions. This encourages them to learn more about your products or services and promotes a lasting positive impression about your business. 
  • Seamless information access: Employing QR codes helps to automate many of your business processes. For instance, with just a single scan, you can allow customers to gain instant access to specifications, pricing and reviews related to your business. 
  • Increased convenience: One of the primary benefits of using QR codes is its ability to simplify tedious processes. You can integrate QR codes with payment processes to enable contactless transactions and reduce the need for cash and credit cards. QR codes can also be used for transportation purposes like ticketing and boarding passes. 


QR codes are an indispensable marketing tool for many businesses today. With its flexibility, this technology can be programmed to match and fit your business needs. 

As we continue to embrace digital innovation, QR codes are more likely to evolve and grow further in various industries. Thus, if you are looking to maintain or improve your standing, employing QR codes effectively is the perfect solution you are looking for. 

Take a step towards endless possibilities with QR codes. To learn more about QR codes, you can check out our Academy and Youtube channel

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