Why Dynamic QR Codes are Better

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Sally Wright May 7, 2023

The Problem

It’s every marketers nightmare: you just got back from the printers with your latest collateral. Everything looks great until…you spot an error. We’ve all been there. But, add normal static QR codes and the story can get even worse.

Imagine this story: you’ve just gotten back from the printers. Everything looks great. You send everything out. And then, a week later you get a call: “umm…the QR code doesn’t seem to work anymore”.

Yes, this happens. Often. Printed collateral can’t change once it’s printed (obviously). Web collateral, however, does change. It changes all the time. Thhe internet is a dynamic medium.

Because QR codes bridge the gap between the “web” and “printed” worlds, you need to have a printed QR code that can be changed to keep up with the internet.

And that’s what a dynamic QR code is.

How Dynamic QR Codes Solve the Problem

Dynamic QR codes are a QR code that can change what they do without being reprinted. We like to think of them as “worry-free” QR codes. All you need to do is make sure the QR code is printed correctly (which is easy to see and test). After that, you can change what the QR code does or where on the internet it points to at anytime.

Dynamic QR codes are a QR code that you can change what they do without being reprinted.

As the creator of a dyanmic QR code, you simply log onto a website (like QR Code Generator Hub) that manages the dynamic QR code you made and then change what URL it points to. Dynamic QR codes work by using an intermediary “redirect” address. This redirect address is at a URL that is only designed to serve dynamic QR codes and will never change. When someone scans the QR code, this “redirect address” will look up what the latest final destination is and then direct the QR code scanners’ web browser to this final address.

In short: you should always use dynamic QR codes because they are always guaranteed to work. “Static” QR codes (I.e. the normal type) aren’t changeable. If something on the website they point to changes, you may be out of luck.

How to Generate Free Dynamic QR Codes

Unfortunately, most QR code generators charge for Dynamic QR codes. Their thinking is “once someone experiences the pain of not making a dynamic QR code, they will be willing to pay for this”

We think that’s wrong. You shouldn’t have to pay to avoid an easy and unavoidable pain. Furthermore, static QR codes are bad for the environment – they require reprinting and waste.

Static QR codes are bad for the environment - they require reprinting and waste
That’s why we made it 100% free to make unlimited Dynamic QR codes on QR Code Generator Hub. There are no strings or extra conditions attached. Put simply, we don’t want you to re-live our pain.

So how do we make money? We do it ethically – by charging for extras (like cool designs and extra analytics). If you want to pay us for these, great. If not, we still want you to make your QR codes worry and stress-free. So, enjoy your unlimited, free dynamic QR code generator here.

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