How Do I Get a QR Code for My Instagram Business Card?

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Sally Wright Mar 23, 2024
There are two primary methods that you can use to obtain a QR code for your Instagram business card: IG’s built-in QR code feature and third-party QR code generators. 

Within the Instagram app, you can navigate to the profile settings and generate a QR code that is linked to your profile. 

On the other hand, you can also use QR code generators online as an alternative. These online generators are more flexible and provide additional customization features. This allows their users to incorporate branding elements and establish their identity in the market. 

Benefits of Using Dynamic QR Codes on Instagram

QR codes are extremely popular for many individuals, professionals and businesses alike looking to make a breakthrough in social media. Incorporating QR codes on your business card is a great start to unlocking the benefits it has to offer. 

Listed below are some of the benefits of using Instagram QR codes:
  1. Eliminates manual searching and provides instant access to Instagram profiles. 
  2. QR codes help to boost online presence and grow audience reach. 
  3. It serves as a bridge and enhances offline-to-online engagement. 
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Steps to Create Dynamic QR Codes for Instagram

Looking to create customized and visually-appealing QR codes with QR code generators? Then, your search has finally come to an end!

With QR Code Generator Hub, you can easily generate a QR code within seconds and even access their built-in tracking feature. This feature is perfect for businesses implementing a marketing campaign. 

Here’s how you can use this tool:

Step 1: Go to QR Code Generator Hub

Access using your preferred web browser, whether on a computer or mobile device. This platform enables you to produce dynamic QR codes for Instagram at no charge.

Step 2: Enter Your Instagram Post or Profile Link

Upon reaching the QR Code Generator Hub website, choose the URL option to direct users to your Instagram profile. Paste your Instagram link or desired text into the designated box.

Step 3: Customize Your Dynamic QR Code

Utilize the free customization tools provided by QR Code Generator Hub to personalize your QR code. Adjust the logo, colors, style, border, and text to align with your Instagram theme and brand identity.

Step 4: Download Your Dynamic QR Code

For users without an account, download your dynamic Instagram QR code by clicking the download button. Registered users can select the appropriate file format for compatibility.

Step 5: Integrate Your QR Code into Your Instagram Strategy
Incorporate your dynamic Instagram QR code into your marketing materials, whether digital or printed. Place it strategically to ensure visibility and engagement with your Instagram audience.

Example Use Cases for Instagram QR Codes

The following are the popular ways to use QR codes:

Artist portfolios

Artists, photographers, and designers may incorporate dynamic QR codes and other promotional content in their portfolios that link directly to their Instagram accounts. This way, prospective clients or admirers can learn more about their work and follow them on their artistic path.

Business promotions

Businesses can use dynamic QR codes on flyers, posters, business cards, and product packaging to encourage customers to follow their Instagram account for updates, promotions, and exclusive content.

Event promotion

Event organizers can include QR codes that link to their event's Instagram page to encourage participants to connect with the event and share their experiences. These codes can be printed on event invitations, tickets, or posters.


Leveraging QR codes on Instagram, whether through the platform's built-in feature or third-party generators like QR Code Generator Hub, offers numerous benefits for individuals and businesses alike.

By tapping into the potential of Instagram QR codes, you can enhance your social media marketing strategies, expand your audience reach, and create meaningful connections with your followers and customers. Visit our Academy and YouTube channel for more insights and guidance on leveraging QR codes for your business.
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