How to Create a QR Code for a Text?

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Jonathan Palley Mar 20, 2024
Creating a dynamic QR code for text is a straightforward process that offers a range of benefits. There are many ways to generate high-quality QR codes, but the easiest and most convenient way is with the help of QR Code Generators. 

Dynamic QR code generators are extremely popular these days due to their simple but powerful user interface. These tools also provide additional built-in tracking features, making it essential for monitoring marketing campaigns.

What's great about all these is that there are a lot of free options that you can choose such as QR Code Generator Hub. With QR Code Generator Hub, you can create compelling plain text QR code designs within seconds. They also have unlimited scanning and a tracking feature that you can use for free. 

Steps to Create a Dynamic QR Code for a Text

Dynamic QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are commonly used to store data in a black-and-white matrix pattern. You can scan this with a smartphone camera and scanner apps to instantly access the information. 

If you are looking to get started using plain text QR codes, here are some steps that you can follow to create one. 

Step 1: Explore

Fire up your preferred web browser, be it on your laptop or mobile device, and delve into the world of This dynamic QR code generator platform is your ticket to creating unique QR codes without breaking the bank.

Step 2: Infuse Your Link or Text

Dynamic QR codes, the digital shape-shifters, are your allies. If you're steering users toward a specific website or profile, opt for the URL wizardry. Inject your text or link into the awaiting box.

Right above the box, a menu of digital content types awaits, from PDFs and images to vCards and applications. Watch out for changes based on your chosen content type.

Step 3: Design Your Dynamic QR Code

Take advantage of QR Code Generator Hub's creative playground with free customization tools. Mold this dynamic QR code generator to your liking — tweak the logo, dabble with colors, play with styles, borders, and text. Let your brand's flair shine through.

Step 4: Seamlessly Blend into Your Marketing

Blend your unique QR Code into your marketing orchestra, whether on paper or in the digital realm. Ensure it's in the spotlight for your audience to easily catch a glimpse.

A standout feature is the user-friendly power to tweak the dynamics of your dynamic QR codes by logging in — no need for reprints, making it a versatile tool in sync with your ever-evolving marketing harmonies.

TIP: When creating a QR code make sure to keep the text content as concise as possible to make it scannable and readable. You should also opt for high-contrast between the QR code background and foreground colors. 

7 Common Use Cases for Plain Text QR Codes

The following are some common ways to utilize plain text QR codes:

Social Media Profiles

Leverage the simplicity of text QR codes to effortlessly connect users with your social media profiles. Whether it's for personal networking or enhancing corporate visibility, a quick scan of the code allows individuals to follow, connect, or engage with your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter profiles seamlessly.

Restaurant Menus

Extend the dining experience beyond the plate by integrating text QR codes into restaurant menus. Direct patrons to your Facebook page for reviews, chef's recommendations, or the latest updates on specials. Enhance customer engagement by encouraging them to share their dining experiences and connect with the restaurant's community.

Non-Profit Organizations 

Harness the power of text QR codes to simplify engagement for non-profit organizations. By linking to your Facebook page, supporters can easily stay informed about your cause, make donations, and actively participate in initiatives. This direct connection fosters a sense of community and facilitates ongoing involvement.

Customer Service and Support

Improve the accessibility of customer support by incorporating text QR codes on support paperwork. Users can swiftly navigate to your social media page, where they may find video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and community discussions. This direct link enhances customer satisfaction and expedites issue resolution.

Sponsored Promotions

Collaborate with influencers or partners to create text QR codes for sponsored promotions. These codes can lead users to specific Facebook posts promoting exclusive offers, giveaways, or collaborative content. The simplicity of text QR codes ensures a seamless connection to your promotional content, enhancing the impact of marketing campaigns.

Business Cards and Marketing Materials

Elevate your networking game by incorporating plain text QR codes on business cards and marketing materials. Customize these codes to direct users to specific sections of your company profile, product launches, or promotional campaigns on Facebook. This personalized approach enhances engagement and leaves a lasting impression.

Educational Materials

Facilitate easy access to educational content by integrating text QR codes into learning materials. Whether it's textbooks, training manuals, or instructional guides, users can scan the code to connect directly with relevant Facebook pages for supplementary resources, discussions, and updates.


Dynamic QR codes plain text, with their straightforward approach, offer a plethora of possibilities across various sectors. From enhancing personal and professional connections to streamlining customer support and marketing efforts, the adaptability of text QR codes makes them a valuable tool for effective communication. 

To learn more about how you can create your own QR code for plain text, feel free to check out the free QR Code Generator Hub's Academy and YouTube channel
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