How to Make a QR Code with Text?

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Sally Wright Mar 21, 2024
Creating a plain text QR code is one of the easiest types of QR codes to make. All you need to get started is a reliable QR code generator tool and the textual information you want to store. 

There are several QR code generators available online that can help you get started. When selecting a QR code generator tool here are some factors you should consider includes:
  • Ease of use
  • Design flexibility
  • Data tracking capabilities
Fortunately, you don't have to worry about spending anything to get all these in one tool. With QR Code Generator Hub, you can experience a navigational user interface, built-in tracking and unlimited scanning features for FREE. 

Steps to Adding Text to Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes have become an essential part of every individual and professional's life. Through dynamic QR codes, they are able to conveniently share information and connect with digital content. 

While QR codes traditionally contain URLs, images or other data, adding just text to QR codes also helps to enhance their functionality. 

Here's how you can create plain text QR codes with QR Code Generator Hub and provide users with valuable content. 

Step 1: Launch your preferred web browser on your desktop or mobile device and go to This widely-used QR code generator empowers you to craft dynamic QR codes at no cost.

Step 2: Dynamic QR codes are versatile. If you wish to direct users to a specific webpage or profile, opt for the URL option. Paste the relevant text or link into the provided box.

Above the box, you'll find choices for various digital content types like PDFs, images, vCards, and applications. Note that the fields may differ based on the chosen content type.

For example, creating a vCard QR code initiates a form for entering contact details, while an application QR code allows you to attach a download link. A key advantage of QR Code Generator Hub's dynamic QR codes is their adaptability; you can tweak their functionality even after printing.

Step 3: Harness the free customization options available on the QR Code Generator Hub. Employ this dynamic QR code generator to tweak the logo, colors, style, border, and text to harmonize with your brand and specific use case.

Step 4: For non-registered users, click the download button to save the dynamic QR code to your computer. If you're a registered user, select the appropriate file format for compatibility with your device.

Step 5: Effortlessly embed your QR Code into your marketing materials, whether in print or digital format. Ensure it's prominently positioned for easy visibility by your customers or audience.

A noteworthy advantage is the ease with which you can modify the functionality of your dynamic QR codes by logging in, eliminating the need for reprinting and adapting to evolving marketing priorities.

Keep in mind that when creating QR codes you have to verify their compatibility with most mobile devices. You should also keep the text length as concise as possible. Doing this helps to ensure a seamless scanning experience for users. 

Example Use Cases for Plain Text QR Codes

Listed below are the following ways to use plain text QR codes for your varying needs:

Product Packaging 

Integrate plain text QR codes into your product packaging to provide customers with a direct link to your Facebook page. This not only facilitates easy access for leaving reviews and sharing feedback but also serves as a direct channel for customer service inquiries. Enhance the post-purchase experience by offering a seamless connection between your product and customer engagement platforms.

Networking Events 

Utilize plain text QR codes for networking events to simplify the exchange of contact information. Attendees can scan each other's codes, instantly connecting on social platforms or accessing professional profiles. This seamless interaction fosters efficient networking and ensures that valuable connections made during events can be maintained and expanded online.

Restaurant Menus 

Enhance the dining experience by incorporating plain text QR codes on menus. These codes can lead patrons directly to your social media pages, providing them with a platform to read and leave reviews, receive real-time updates, and share their dining experiences. It creates an interactive bridge between the physical dining space and the online community surrounding your restaurant.

Non-Profit Organizations

Leverage the simplicity of plain text QR codes for non-profit organizations to create a direct path for viewers to connect with your cause. By scanning the code, individuals can access your Facebook page to learn more about your mission, make donations, or find opportunities to get involved. It serves as an instant gateway for turning awareness into meaningful action.

Customer Service and Support

Enhance customer support materials by incorporating plain text QR codes that lead users directly to your support channels on Facebook. Whether it's troubleshooting guides, FAQs, or live support, users can access assistance swiftly by scanning the code. This not only simplifies the support process but also ensures that customers have immediate access to the help they need.

Incorporating dynamic QR codes for plain text into these use cases not only promotes efficiency but also offers a user-friendly and accessible way for individuals to connect with your brand, organization, or services. To learn more about QR codes and their benefits, you can visit the free online resource found in our Academy and YouTube channel
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