8 QR Code Generator Hub Features that Your Shopify Store is Missing out!

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Jonathan Palley Aug 23, 2023
QR codes have become one of the most powerful tools used by every business today, especially for eCommerce Shopify store owners.   

Integrated tools further enhance the benefits of QR codes by enhancing customer engagement and streamlining sales.   

However, many store owners are still unaware of the hidden potential lying with the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify.    

Aside from instant QR code generation, there are more features that you can explore and use to elevate your business's marketing effort. This includes the following:  

Dynamic QR Codes 

Gone are the days when static QR codes dominated the eCommerce industry.  

With QR Code Generator Hub, you can embrace the dynamic QR code technology that allows you to make edits or updates even after printing.  

Imagine the convenience of updating URLs, discounts or products associated with your QR codes without worrying about reprints or users experiencing errors.

Among the free QR code generators in the Shopify app store, leveraging this tool allows flexibility in adapting to constant market changes and customer preferences.  

Customization Options 

One of the primary features of the QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app is that it enables you to stand out from other competitors by allowing you to personalize your QR codes. 

This free QR code generator for Shopify has a range of customization options, including logo placement, text additions, color schemes, change dot shape and background choices.    

Using these features allows you to align QR codes with brand identity. At the same time, this also enhances visual appeal and creates a unique brand experience for your customers.    

Remember, that tailoring QR code designs will help to leave a lasting impression and reinforce brand recognition

Multiple Destination Choices  

The one-size-fits-all concept for dynamic QR codes is a thing of the past.  

With this free QR code app, you can now easily direct your customers to various destinations within your Shopify store.    

Whether it's a specific product page, checkout page, collection or add-to-cart option, you can create QR codes that align with your marketing goals.  

Through this feature, you can optimize customer journeys by guiding them to relevant store pages and increasing QR code engagement and conversion rates. 

Bulk Creation and Bulk Download 

For an eCommerce business with varying product inventory, QR Code Generator Hub offers the convenience of bulk creation and unlimited downloadable QR codes.  

So instead of generating QR codes individually, you can significantly save your valuable time and effort by creating multiple codes at once.

With a single click, you can download all the generated QR codes and be ready to utilize them across different marketing materials.   

This feature helps to streamline the process and ensure consistency across your QR code marketing campaigns. 

Scan Tracking and Analytics 

QR Code Generator Hub also provides valuable insights through scan tracking and analytics.  

You can gain access to detailed scan analytics, including platforms, browsers and geographical location using this feature within the app.  

You can also integrate your Google Analytics account -- if you have one -- and comprehensively analyze the QR code performance in your online store.

This data-driven feature helps to empower you, as a Shopify store owner, to refine your marketing strategies and boost sales.  

Check out this QR code scan tracking feature guide to learn more about this feature!

Order Tracking  

By monitoring orders origination from QR code scans, you can gain valuable insights into campaign performance and customer behavior.  

For retail stores, this feature enables commission calculations, attributing sales to specific QR code campaigns.    
This also helps you to understand the impact of QR codes on your business and adjust your marketing efforts. 

Unique QR Codes for Each Order  

QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app also allows you to personalize your customer shopping experience when you create Shopify QR codes for each order.  

With this feature, customers can easily access their order tracking information by just simply scanning the QR code. This offers them convenience that can lead to enhanced customer satisfaction and reduced customer inquiries.

Now, don't worry about your growing number of customers. Aside from allowing you to create dynamic QR codes, it also offers unlimited QR code scans. 

Moreover, the unique QR codes open opportunities for better ticketing systems or admission passes, making event management easier.  

Cost and Accessibility 

Using QR Code Generator Hub Shopify App is completely free for all store owners looking to boost their marketing and improve customer experience.    

While they provide their core features for free, they also have advanced features, like order tracking, that you can subscribe to.    

Now don't get too worked up about the costs. Unlike other Shopify QR code generators, their subscriptions come at an affordable price.  

And what is great about them is that these features live up to the value they can offer. The additional insights and capabilities provided by the pro version can make a significant difference in optimizing your QR code campaigns.  

These are all the QR Code Generator Hub app features that you should start using today.  

Don't miss out on its full potential and take your QR code marketing to the next level!   

To learn more on how to integrate QR Code Generator Hub into your Shopify store, check out this video and blog posts to get started.  
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