How Does QR Code Attribution Work in Shopify?

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Sally Wright Sep 25, 2023
QR code attribution refers to the process of tracking and analyzing the performance of QR (Quick Response) codes in marketing or business campaigns. It involves collecting data and insights related to how QR codes are used by consumers, where they are scanned, and what actions are taken after scanning. 

So how can you use this for your Shopify store? 

The QR Code Generator Hub plays an important role in QR code attribution. It offers a set of tools and features to create, manage, and track QR codes effectively. This free Shopify app simplifies the attribution process, offers valuable insights, and enables businesses to optimize their QR code campaigns for better results. 

Why is QR Code Attribution Important? 

QR code attribution is essential for several reasons, especially in the context of marketing and business strategies. Here are key reasons why QR code attribution is also important for your eCommerce store: 

Performance Evaluation 

QR code attribution allows businesses to assess the effectiveness of their QR code campaigns. It provides insights into how well QR codes are performing in terms of user engagement and conversion rates. Without attribution, it's challenging to determine if QR codes are achieving their intended objectives. 

ROI Measurement 

Attribution also enables businesses to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of their QR code marketing efforts. By tracking conversions and associating them with specific QR code scans, companies can gauge whether their QR code campaigns are generating revenue that justifies the resources invested. 

Data-Driven Decision-Making  

QR code attribution provides actionable data that can inform decision-making. It aids in understanding customer engagement patterns. 

For example, it is much easier to determine which QR code campaigns or content types resonate most with the audience, allowing them to create more engaging and valuable experiences. 

Businesses can also identify trends, such as peak scanning times, popular geographic locations, or preferred devices. This information helps in refining marketing strategies and content to better meet customer expectations. 

Campaign Optimization  

Armed with attribution data, businesses can optimize their QR code campaigns.  

For instance, if a QR code placed in a particular magazine isn't generating much engagement, the business can redirect resources to more successful channels. This iterative improvement process is crucial for achieving better results over time. 

Resource Allocation 

QR code attribution facilitates A/B testing, allowing businesses to experiment with different QR code designs, content, or placements. By comparing the performance of variants, companies can identify what resonates most with their audience and refine their strategies accordingly. 

As a result, store owners can properly allocate resources (budget, time, and manpower) to campaigns and channels that deliver the best results. This prevents the overspending of resources on ineffective strategies. 

Marketing Accountability 

Attribution provides a clear way to hold marketing efforts accountable. Businesses can track and measure the contributions of QR code campaigns to overall business goals. This data-driven accountability ensures marketing budgets are spent wisely. 

For example, integration with analytics tools like Google Analytics provides a holistic view of user interactions across various channels. This helps businesses understand how QR codes fit into the broader marketing landscape and how they contribute to overall traffic and conversions. 

How Can QR Code Generator Hub Help in QR Code Attribution? 

The QR Code Generator Hub is a valuable tool for businesses looking to implement QR code attribution effectively. It simplifies the process of creating, managing, and tracking QR codes, making it a central hub for QR code campaigns.  

Here's how the QR Code Generator Hub can assist in QR code attribution: 
  • Centralized QR Code Management: The QR Code Generator Hub app provides a single platform for creating, customizing, and managing QR codes. This centralized approach streamlines the management of QR code campaigns, making it easier to implement attribution strategies consistently. 
  • Statistics Overview: The free dynamic QR code generator offers a dashboard that provides an overview of QR code statistics. Users can see key metrics such as the number of scans per day, total scans over a specific period, and the number of orders originating from QR codes. This snapshot is essential to visualize the overall performance of QR code campaigns. 
  • Detailed Data Access: Beyond the overview, they also allow users to access more detailed data. This can include information about the geographic locations where scans occurred, types of devices and web browsers used for scanning, and even specifics about orders generated from QR codes. 
  • Downloadable Reports: Shopify store owners using the app can also download reports containing comprehensive data. These reports may include details on gross sales, total scans, and other relevant metrics. Downloadable reports simplify in-depth analysis and reporting to stakeholders. 
  • Integration with Google Analytics: One of the main features of QR Code Generator Hubs is its integration with analytics tools like Google Analytics. This integration allows QR codes to be tracked as distinct campaigns within Google Analytics, providing a more holistic view of their performance and their contribution to web traffic and conversions. 
  • Customization and UTM Parameters: Users can typically customize QR codes within the Hub, adding UTM parameters to the URLs encoded in the QR codes. UTM parameters are essential for tracking the source of web traffic accurately. This customization ensures that each QR code scan is associated with the appropriate marketing campaign or source. 


In summary, QR code attribution is vital as it empowers businesses to measure, analyze, and optimize their QR code marketing efforts effectively. It enables data-driven decision-making, maximizes ROI, and ensures that QR codes are used as powerful tools for engaging customers and achieving business goals. Without attribution, businesses would be operating in the dark, with little insight into the impact of their QR code campaigns. 

And the QR Code Generator Hub app makes all of these happen in the simplest way possible. It offers valuable insights and enables businesses to optimize their QR code campaigns. 

You can learn more about QR Code Generator Hub and its features by visiting their Academy and YouTube channel.
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