What Are the Benefits of Integrating QR Code Scans with Google Analytics?

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Jonathan Palley Sep 13, 2023
Google Analytics integration is one of the popular features offered by the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify. It is a unique feature that empowers Shopify store owners to help them elevate their marketing strategies.  

In this blog, we'll explore the benefits of investing in this feature and why it's a major game-changer for online businesses. 

Using QR Code Generator Hub for Shopify 

Comprehensive dynamic QR code creation is not new to many Shopify store owners. It is a standard feature that is offered by many QR code generation – regardless if they are a free or paid service.  

However, if you want to leverage QR code tracking, then the QR Code Generator Hub app is your all-in-one solution. This user-friendly app provides a seamless way to create, track, and analyze QR codes.  

Here's why it's a popular choice among Shopify store owners: 
  • Comprehensive Data: Inside the QR Code Generator Hub dashboard, you'll find a quick overview of your QR code statistics. It shows daily scan counts, total scans over the last two weeks, and even the number of orders originating from QR codes. This data gives you a snapshot of your QR code performance. 
  • Detailed Insights: Clicking "view all" reveals more detailed statistics and data, including geographic locations, device types, and specifics of orders tied to QR codes. These insights help you understand your audience and make data-driven decisions. 
  • Report Downloads: Need to explore deeper and crunch down more QR code scan data? You can download reports that include gross sales and other key metrics for further analysis. 

Benefits of Integrating QR Codes with Google Analytics 

If you're involved in online marketing, you're probably familiar with this powerful tool. Google Analytics allows you to monitor website traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates. But did you know it can also enhance your QR code tracking? 

The Google Analytics integration feature works by linking the data generated from QR code scans to your Google Analytics account. This integration provides a seamless way to track and analyze user interactions with your QR codes, just like you would monitor website traffic and user behavior on your website. 

Here's how the Google Analytics integration for QR code scans benefits your Shopify store: 

Creating UTM Parameters  

When you generate a QR code using a tool like the QR Code Generator Hub, you have the option to enable UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) parameters.  

UTM parameters are tags added to the URL encoded in the QR code. These parameters help Google Analytics identify the source, medium, and campaign associated with each QR code. 

QR Code Usage 

Users scan your QR code, which directs them to a specific URL. This URL contains the UTM parameters, which provide information about the QR code that was scanned. 

Data Collection 

Google Analytics tracks the incoming traffic from the QR code scans just like it would track traffic from other sources. It captures data such as the number of visits, user demographics, locations, devices used, and the actions users take after scanning the QR code. 


With UTM parameters, Google Analytics attributes these visits and actions to the specific QR code campaign. This means you can see in your analytics dashboard which QR code campaigns are driving traffic, what users do after scanning them, and whether they convert (e.g., make a purchase or fill out a form). 

Campaign Analysis 

In your Google Analytics account, you can view reports specific to your QR code campaigns. These reports provide insights into the performance of each QR code, allowing you to measure the ROI and effectiveness of your QR code marketing efforts. 


Google Analytics also enables you to segment your data, so you can compare the behavior of users who scanned QR codes with those who arrived at your website through other channels. This segmentation helps you understand the unique impact of QR code campaigns. 


With the data from Google Analytics, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your QR code campaigns. You can refine your QR code designs, landing pages, and calls to action based on the insights you gather. 

Monitoring and Iteration  

Integration with Google Analytics is an ongoing process. You can continuously monitor the performance of your QR code campaigns and make adjustments to improve results over time. 

The integration of QR code scans with Google Analytics allows you to treat QR code campaigns as digital marketing channels. It provides transparency into their performance, which is crucial for making informed decisions, refining strategies, and maximizing the ROI of your QR code marketing efforts. 


Integrating QR code scans with Google Analytics offers a range of benefits for businesses when used properly. It empowers you with valuable data, enhances your marketing strategies, and ultimately improves your ROI.  

By using tools like the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify and staying informed about optimization strategies, you can unlock the full potential of QR codes in your marketing arsenal.  

Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your QR codes work smarter and harder for your online business. 

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