What are the Key Features of the "Order QR Codes" Section?

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Jonathan Palley Aug 3, 2023
Whether you're organizing concerts, conferences, or workshops, QR codes offer a convenient and secure way to issue and track tickets. 

If you are a Shopify store owner looking for an affordable and efficient way to sell event tickets, we know just the right application that can help you.   

In this blog, let’s explore the key features of the "Order QR Codes" section in the QR Code Generator Hub app and how it can revolutionize your ticketing process.  

Understanding the "Order QR Codes" Feature 

Gone are the days of paper tickets and manual checks at the entrance!  

The QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app's "Order QR Codes" section is the heart of its ticketing magic.  

This simple feature empowers you to create unique QR codes for each order, making them your customers' digital tickets.  

How does this work? 

When a customer purchases a pass or admission ticket, they receive an order confirmation email containing their personalized QR code.  

This seamless digital approach ensures a smoother and more efficient ticketing process. 

3 Main Features of “Order QR Codes” 

The “Order QR Codes” have three main features that can benefit your ticketing process.  

It’s nothing technical, but it is extremely powerful and can automate your overall ticketing and admission process. We’ll discuss how you can use them in the next section. 
These features include the following: 
  • Action When Scanned: The "Order QR Codes" feature lets you choose how the QR codes behave when scanned. Opt for "QR Code Scan History" to track real-time scans, enhancing event security and gaining valuable insights into ticket usage. 
  • Design Customization: Personalize QR codes by customizing colors, and styles, and adding your logo. Aligning QR codes with your brand identity creates a memorable experience for attendees and reinforces your event's image. 
  • Order Confirmation Email Integration: Integrate QR codes seamlessly into order confirmation emails. Customers receive their unique QR codes directly in their inboxes, streamlining the ticketing process and providing hassle-free entry instructions. 

How to Use the Order QR Codes Feature in QR Code Generator Hub Shopify App? 

Worried about complex integrations? Fear not!  
The integration of QR codes into your Shopify store is surprisingly simple.  
Just a few clicks, and you are good to go!  
Your customers will receive their QR codes in the order confirmation email. No need for complicated procedures or additional plugins.  
Plus, the app's compatibility with Shopify ensures smooth sailing throughout the process. 
Here’s how you can use the “Order QR Codes” to generate QR codes for your ticket passes.  
Step 1: Go to your Shopify store admin and find the "Apps" section. Use the search bar to locate and click on the "QR Code Generator Hub" app in the Shopify app store.  

Install the app by clicking "Add app."