What is a Plain Text QR Code?

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Jonathan Palley Jun 9, 2023
Plain text QR codes are a type of traditional QR code that focuses on encoding text-based information. Simply put, instead of the usual URLs or PDFs that are used today, it typically contains just text. And unlike their complex counterparts, they usually come with much simpler black-and-white patterns. 

Keep reading to learn more about the various use cases and potential benefits of using plain text QR codes for your individual and professional needs. 

Benefits of Plain Text QR Codes

QR codes have become significantly popular in recent years. With its amazing benefits, it became primarily used to bridge the gap between offline and online experiences. 

But why should you even employ this technology and what makes it worth the investment? 

Essentially, the primary advantage of plain text QR codes lies in their direct conveyance of text-based data. It decodes information at a much faster rate, resulting in an enhanced user experience. 

Listed below are the other benefits of using this type of QR code:
  • Increased readability and accessibility without external web pages
  • Compatible with a range of mobile devices
  • Can be used for varying business and marketing purposes

Steps to Creating Plain Text QR Codes

Now that you already know the benefits of plain text QR codes, let’s take a look at how you can create them. 

There are many ways to generate your own QR code. But the easiest and fastest way is with the help of QR Code Generator Hub. 

Here’s how you can use this tool:
Step 1: Open your browser and go to QR Code Generator Hub
Step 2: Hover to the “Target” panel on the website and choose the “URL” option. 
Step 3: Under the “URL” option, you can input the text or information that you wanted to encode. 
Step 4: Customize the QR code design to align your brand identity. You can add a logo, color, text, frame and shape. 
Step 5: Hit the “Free Download” button and attach the QR code to your materials. 

Sample Use Cases for Plain Text QR Code

Listed below are some ways to employ plain text QR codes:
  • Wi-Fi Network Configuration: You can create a QR code to encode Wi-Fi network information such as the SSID, password, and encryption type. Users can scan the QR code with their smartphones to connect to the network without entering any information manually.
  • Contact Details: QR codes can hold contact information such as a person's name, phone number, email address, and website URL. Sharing a QR code simplifies the process of providing contact information because users may scan the code rather than inputting the information manually.
  • Product Information: Plain text QR codes can be used on product packaging to provide additional product information. Ingredients, nutritional information, manufacturing date, and expiration date are examples of such information. Customers can easily obtain the information by scanning the QR code.
If you’d like to learn more about the other ways to use QR codes for your business, feel free to check out our Academy and Youtube channel.

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