How to Generate a QR Code on Facebook?

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Sally Wright Jun 8, 2023
There has been a growing demand for the use of QR codes in business establishments today. Despite these, Facebook has yet to offer a built-in generator tool within its platform. This means that it is impossible to either create or customize your own QR code on Facebook. 

Fortunately, QR code generator tools are now available online and are widely accessible. They also come for free which means that you can create a visually appealing QR code without spending a dime. 

One great tool that you can use for this purpose is QR Code Generator Hub. It is a free generator tool that you can use to customize and create compelling Facebook QR code designs. They also offer unlimited scanning and free tracking for all their registered users. 

Why Use QR Codes on Facebook?

There are many reasons why QR codes become an invaluable tool for businesses and individuals on Facebook. 

Aside from its ability to share information, QR codes can also serve as a bridge between both the physical and digital space. Thus, offer numerous benefits such as increased engagements and streamlined marketing campaigns. 

Here’s how you can create a Facebook QR code for your needs:
Step 1: Open your browser and go to QR Code Generator Hub
Step 2: Look for the “Target” panel on the website and click the “URL” option beside it. 
Step 3: Paste or manually input the link to your Facebook profile or business page. 
Step 4: Customize the QR code by adding a logo, text, color, frame and shape. 
Step 5: Press the “Free Download” button and you can now start using your Facebook QR code. 

So whether you are a business owner, marketer or individual user, employing QR codes to link your Facebook page or profile helps to add new possibilities for online interactions. 

Creative Ways to Use Facebook QR Codes

Now that you have a QR code prepared, let’s explore some creative ways to employ this technology. Here are some use-case examples that you can try:
  • Business promotions: Include QR codes in your Facebook advertisements, posts, or printed materials to provide exclusive discounts or access to special deals.
  • Event marketing: Create QR codes for your Facebook events to let attendees register and deliver event-specific information.
  • Social media engagement: Encourage consumers to scan your QR code to instantly like your Facebook Page, follow your profile, or share your content with their network.
  • Non-profit organizations: Use QR codes to direct viewers to their Facebook page, where they may learn more about the cause, donate, or get involved.
  • Customer support and service: Including a QR code on support documents or customer service materials direct users to your Facebook page for assistance or resolution.
  • Sponsored promotions: Brands can collaborate with influencers or partners to create QR codes that link to unique discounts, freebies, or joint Facebook content.
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