How Do You Link Your QR Codes for YouTube Videos?

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Sally Wright Jun 14, 2023
QR codes are known for their ability to link physical and digital content seamlessly. And Youtube videos are no exception to that. With QR code generator tools online, you can easily link your videos and generate high-quality QR code designs. 

There are several generators available online that you can use for free. And keep in mind that they are not just cost-free, they also have powerful features that you can use to boost your marketing campaigns. 

Tools like QR Code Generator Hub offer a user-friendly interface, unlimited scanning and built-in tracking features that you can use for FREE. Plus, they also have responsive customer support that can cater to all your inquiries and needs. 

Steps to linking Youtube videos to QR codes

Here’s how you can use QR Code Generator Hub to create your own Youtube QR codes:

Step 1: Open your web browser and go to QR Code Generator Hub
Step 2: Navigate to the website's "Target" panel and select the "URL" option. 
Step 3: Input or paste the URL of the YouTube video here.  
Step 4: Customize the QR code to make it more personalized and professional. You can include a logo, color, font, frame, and shape to align it with your brand identity.  
Step 5: When finished, simply select "Free Download" to begin using the QR code. 

Keep in mind that when creating a QR code, make sure to test it with different mobile devices and scanner apps. By doing so, you ensure that your QR code is fully functional and ready to be used for online content promotion.

Example Use Cases for Youtube QR Codes

Listed below are some of the popular ways to employ Youtube QR codes:
  • Promotional materials: Print QR codes on flyers, posters, or brochures to direct audiences to your YouTube channel or particular videos for promotional purposes.
  • Social media profiles: You can also try to generate a QR code that links directly to your YouTube channel, allowing your social media followers to easily access and subscribe to your content.
  • Event promotion: Include QR codes on event tickets, banners, or signage that direct spectators to YouTube videos that feature event highlights, previews, or exclusive content.
  • Product demonstrations: Incorporate QR codes on product packaging or displays that link to YouTube videos that demonstrate how to use a product effectively.
  • Music releases: Incorporate QR codes on album covers, posters, or promotional materials to direct fans to music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, or interviews on your YouTube channel.
  • Video tutorials: Use QR codes that direct visitors to instructional films or tutorials on your YouTube channel, allowing them to quickly obtain step-by-step instructions on a variety of topics.
  • Travel vlogs: You can also try printing QR codes on travel brochures, tourist maps, or city guides to link travelers to your YouTube channel, where they can watch your travel vlogs and be inspired to go on their own adventures.
If you would like to learn more about QR codes and their benefits for your business, you can check out our Academy and Youtube channel

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