How Do You Get QR Codes for YouTube?

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Jonathan Palley Jun 15, 2023
Generating a QR code for Youtube is a simple and straightforward process. In fact, there are several QR code generators available online that support this feature. All you have to do is to input your Youtube channel or video URL and they can instantly generate a unique QR code for you. 

Apart from QR code generation, these tools offer customization options to help establish your brand identity. You have the freedom to add logos, colors, fonts, frames and shapes with no restrictions. And what’s even great about all these is that you can do all of these for FREE. 

A step-by-step Guide to Creating Youtube QR codes

QR codes are one of the most popular marketing tools used by individuals, professionals and businesses to promote their content digitally. And if you have a Youtube channel, you have probably thought of using QR codes. 

Fortunately, tools like QR Code Generator Hub offer a more enhanced feature like built-in tracking to support your marketing needs. 

QR Code Generator Hub doesn't require any technical skills to get started. It is actually designed to meet the needs of all types of users, and it takes just a few clicks to generate a QR code. 

These are the steps that you can follow to use this tool:
Step 1: Launch your browser and go to QR Code Generator Hub
Step 2: Look for the "Target" panel on the website and select the "URL" option. 
Step 3: Enter or paste the YouTube video URL here.  
Step 4: Make the QR code more personalized and professional by customizing it. To establish your brand identity, you can include a logo, color, font, frame, and shape  
Step 5: When you're finished, click "Free Download" to start using the QR code. 

Common Use Cases for Youtube QR Codes

Here are some ways to effectively make use of your Youtube QR codes:
  • Product demonstrations: Include QR codes on product packaging or displays that connect to YouTube videos that show how to utilize a product properly.
  • Music releases: Add QR codes on album covers, posters, or promotional materials to connect fans to music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, or interviews on your YouTube channel.
  • Video tutorials: Employ QR codes to lead users to instructional films or tutorials on your YouTube channel, allowing them to rapidly acquire step-by-step guidance on a variety of topics.
  • Travel vlogs: Print QR codes on travel brochures, tourist maps, or city guides to direct travelers to your YouTube channel, where they may watch your travel vlogs and be encouraged to embark on their own trips.
  • Event promotion: Embed QR codes on event tickets, banners, or signage that link to YouTube videos with event highlights, previews, or exclusive content.
QR codes offer convenient and engaging ways to encourage online users to view your Youtube videos. Moreover, it also opens up a world of possibilities to enhance the viewing experiences of many uses. 

So what’s holding you back to use QR codes? Start promoting your Youtube videos with QR codes today!

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