Is there a QR Code for Facebook?

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Jonathan Palley Mar 18, 2024
Facebook is one of the biggest online platforms today that offers extensive features and functionalities, especially for marketing purposes. Unfortunately, Facebook has yet to have a native QR code functionality integrated into its platform.

As of the moment, they only offer a QR code for Facebook WiFi. But this does not mean that you won't be able to create a free QR code for your Facebook page. 

In fact, there are many ways to generate your own Facebook business page QR code. You can use alternative methods such as third-party Facebook QR code generator and scanners to link your profile, page or even. The easiest and fastest way to do this is by using a free QR code generator online such as QR Code Generator Hub
Keep reading as we explore the steps involving the creation of Facebook page QR code and their varying uses. 

Generating Facebook QR Code for Free

Facebook QR codes are mainly used to link online users to a specific Facebook profile or page. 

QR Code Generator Hub is a free tool that allows customization and creation of unique QR codes. Plus, they also have unlimited scanning and built-in tracking features which users can use for free. 

Here's how you can use this tool to create dynamic QR codes: 

Step 1: Visit

Access through any browser on your mobile device or desktop. This widely-used QR code generator provides the capability to create dynamic QR codes without any associated costs.

Step 2: Input your Facebook Page or Profile URL

Dynamic QR codes have diverse applications. If you aim to direct users to a specific page or profile, choose the URL option in the digital content types and paste your Facebook link.

Above the text box, options for different digital content types, such as PDFs, images, vCards, and applications, are available. Note that the fields may vary based on the chosen digital content type.

For instance, creating a vCard QR code will prompt a form for entering contact information, while an application QR code will let you attach a download link. A notable advantage of dynamic QR Codes from QR Code Generator Hub is their flexibility—you can modify their functionality even after printing.

Step 3: Customize the design of your QR Code

Leverage QR Code Generator Hub's free customization options to personalize your QR codes. Adjust the logo, colors, style, border, and text to align with your brand and use case.

Step 4: Download your customized Dynamic QR code

If you're not registered, click the download button to save the dynamic QR code to your computer. For registered users, select the appropriate file format for compatibility with your device.

Step 5: Integrate the QR code into your marketing materials

Incorporate your QR Code into your marketing materials, whether in print or digital form. Ensure it's prominently placed for easy visibility by your customers or audience.

A significant advantage is the ease with which you can modify the functionality of your dynamic QR codes by logging in, eliminating the need for reprinting or adapting to changing marketing priorities.

Dynamic QR Code for Facebook Page Use Cases

Now, after learning how to create a dynamic QR code for your Facebook business page, profile or group, let's move on to its application.

Here are some ways to employ Facebook QR codes for your business:

Restaurant menus

Using a social media dynamic QR code on menus may lead diners to the restaurant's Facebook page for reviews, updates, and the opportunity to leave comments.

Non-profit organizations

NGOs can also generate dynamic QR codes and employ them to direct viewers to their Facebook event page, where they can learn more about the cause, donate, or become involved.

Customer service and support

Adding a dynamic QR code on support documents or customer service materials directs users to your Facebook profile for assistance or issues.

Sponsored promotions

Brands can collaborate with influencers or partners to create dynamic QR codes that link to unique Facebook posts promoting exclusive offers, freebies, or joint content.

Networking events

Generate QR codes for attendance of networking events to allow guests to easily connect and exchange contact information on Facebook.


Remember that when it comes to improving your Facebook QR code campaign, there are many available options online to explore.

While Facebook has yet to offer a built-in feature, there are still tons of options that you can try for free. With third-party platforms like QR Code Generator Hub, you can create a QR code to effortlessly engage your audience. 

You can also check out our Academy and YouTube channel to check out our free online resources related to QR codes. 
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