Dynamic QR Codes for Ticketing and Admission Systems in Shopify

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Sally Wright Aug 25, 2023
Gone are the days of long queues at entry points for physical ticket purchasing and verification.  

With the growing popularity of dynamic QR codes, ticketing and admission systems have become smarter, more secure and remarkably convenient.  

If you're an event organizer looking to streamline your admission process, look no further than the powerful QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app to create dynamic QR codes. 

Why Use QR Codes in Ticketing and Admission Systems? 

As we all know, QR codes (Quick Response codes) are the square, matrix patterns that you often see on posters, flyers, and product packaging.  

Using a dynamic QR code empowers you to store a range of digital data which you can scan using your smartphone camera or QR code scanner app. These digital data that you can store includes:
  1. Shopify store URL
  2. vCard
  3. PDF file
  4. Simple text
  5. Social Media pages
  6. App or software
  7. Videos and Images
Now, imagine implementing this technology in ticketing and admission systems. This can offer you a range of benefits including: 
And do you know the best part of all this?  

You can achieve all this with the QR Code Generator Hub app - a powerful tool that integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store. Plus, QR code scans are trackable and its completely free! 

How can QR Code Generator Hub app Feature Help Your Shopify Store Ticketing System? 

The free QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify offers various features that can streamline your store's ticketing system. This is not just limited to fast QR code generation. It also comes with automated email confirmation for each ticket order and a more simplified QR code verification.

To help you learn more about how this Shopify app can help you, we have listed some of the benefits of generating QR codes for tickets:

Seamless Ticket Creation and Customization 

QR Code Generator Hub app offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating QR codes for tickets and admission passes.  

With this feature, Shopify store owners can effortlessly generate a custom QR code that links to specific ticket pages or admission passes. This streamlined approach saves you time and eliminates the need for manual ticket creation.   

You can automate the QR code dissemination by managing the Order-QR code Setup Wizard. Using this feature, you can send a unique QR code ticket once a customer successfully purchases on your store.

Check out this QR code email integration guide to learn more.

The app also provides customization options, allowing event organizers to align their QR codes to the event's theme. 

By adding event logos, choosing colors and embedding text like "Scan me," your free QR codes become more visually appealing and align perfectly with the event's branding.  

Efficient Check-ins and Real-time Validation  

With the QR Code Generator Hub app, each ticket or admission pass receives a unique QR code.  

So when attendees arrive at the event, they can simply present their QR codes for scanning and verification at the entrance.  

Scanning QR codes only takes seconds and once validated, event attendees can gain access without the hassle of handling physical tickets. This ensures that only valid QR codes are accepted, preventing unauthorized access and minimizing the risk of fraud.
Event organizers can easily track the number of successful check-ins. Doing this makes it a lot easier for them to manage attendance and ensure a smooth flow of attendees throughout the event. 

Moreover, the best QR Code Generator in Shopify also enables you to set the number of valid QR code scans. This is what sets dynamic QR codes apart from static QR codes. It offers more flexibility to maximize the use of QR codes.

Data Tracking and Analysis for Event Insights  

QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app also empowers event organizers with valuable data tracking and analysis capabilities.  

The app also supports Google Analytics integration to boost your QR code campaigns.

By monitoring scan history and performance metrics, organizers gain insights into attendee behavior, popular entry points, and event success. This data-driven approach helps identify areas for improvement and allows organizers to make informed decisions for future events. 

Trackable QR codes also allow you to verify duplicate QR codes to prevent fraud and abuse of the QR codes. You can leverage this feature to properly manage QR codes to promote a smoother ticketing and admission experience.


Leveraging QR codes for ticketing and admission systems is a huge game-changer in the event management industry.  

And the growing popularity of the QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify proves to be the ultimate companion on this journey.  

Using this app can provide easy-to-use tools for creating, customizing, and implementing QR codes into your Shopify store. 

Beyond this, the dynamic QR code generator also promotes unlimited dynamic QR codes. Simply put, you can freely download and generate QR codes without worrying about additional costs.

With the QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app, you have the ticket to success for your next event.
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