Analyzing QR Code Scans and Orders for Effective Marketing Insights

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Jonathan Palley Aug 24, 2023
QR Code Generator Hub app for Shopify offers a comprehensive solution to create, track, and analyze QR codes, providing valuable marketing insights to boost your business. 

So if you're a Shopify store owner looking to leverage the potential of dynamic QR codes, then you're in luck!  

Aside from this free app's ability to generate QR codes, you can also use this to monitor the behavior of multiple QR codes.

In this article, let's take a look at how to use the app's tracking feature and share five actionable tips on using QR code analytics to optimize your marketing strategies. 

Understanding QR Code Tracking 

QR Code Generator Hub's QR code tracking feature is made to help you collect data on the performance of your dynamic QR codes much more easily. Thus, giving you real-time insights into their effectiveness.  

With the QR Code Generator Hub app, you can effortlessly enable tracking for scans and orders, even after your QR codes have been distributed. 

To get started, simply navigate to the “Scans” section within the Shopify admin account and you're all set to track QR codes and begin gathering valuable data.

This free QR code generator also offers Google Analytics integration to further boost your QR code campaigns.

How to Use the QR Code Analytics for Marketing Strategies? 

Now that you have enabled a trackable QR code, let's explore five actionable tips on how you can leverage this app's analytics to enhance your marketing strategies: 

Tip 1: Analyzing Dynamic QR Codes Scan Locations 

Keep a close eye on the locations where your trackable QR codes are scanned the most. This data can help you target specific regions or tailor marketing efforts to suit local preferences.  

For instance, if a particular city shows high engagement, consider running location-based promotions or events in this area to attract more local audiences. 

Tip 2: Understanding Scan Devices and Browsers 

Knowing the devices and browsers used to scan your custom QR code is crucial for improving user experience. 

You have to make sure that your Shopify store and landing pages are mobile-friendly, as most scans are likely to come from smartphones.  

By catering to various devices and browsers, you'll enhance user satisfaction and improve overall conversion rates. 

Tip 3: Tracking Popular Products and Collections 

The built-in QR code tracking feature also helps you identify which products or collections are generating the most scans.  

Take advantage of this data by showcasing popular items more prominently on your website or creating exclusive offers to promote specific collections.  

Knowing your customer's preferences will help you better align your marketing campaigns with their interests. 

Tip 4: Monitoring Scan-to-Order Conversion Rates 

One of the most valuable insights provided by using QR Code Generator Hub's analytics is the scan-to-order conversion rate. This metric helps you understand how many scans are translating into actual purchases.  

With this data, you can identify potential bottlenecks in the purchasing process and implement strategies to improve conversion rates and maximize sales. 

Tip 5: Customized QR Codes for Personalized Marketing 

QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app allows you to create a dynamic QR code for each order made in your store. 

Use this feature to your advantage by tailoring marketing efforts based on individual customer preferences and past behaviors. 

Personalized QR code campaign can lead to increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. 


From understanding user behavior to optimizing marketing strategies, QR code metrics present a range of opportunities to drive sales and enhance customer engagement. 

Along with the tips we provided, monitoring and improving your marketing strategies based on the collected data is an important practice you should follow for your created QR code.   

Start utilizing QR code solution today and unlock the true potential of your Shopify store. You can check out this video or read our complete QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app guide for more.
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