Streamlining Product Promotion with Bulk QR Code Creation

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Sally Wright Aug 24, 2023
The emergence of QR codes has significantly made an impact on the way Shopify merchants connect with their customers.   

With these matrix barcodes, customers can now access information with just their smartphones. By just scanning QR codes, they are directed to web pages, product information or even checkout pages.    

Simply put, leveraging dynamic QR codes allowed many Shopify stores to flourish and effortlessly engage customers and improve the shopping experience.  

How Does Integrating the QR Code Generator Hub App with Shopify Help? 

Using powerful Shopify apps like QR Code Generator Hub helps to empower store owners in creating and customizing QR codes.    

This bulk QR code generator is known for its user-friendly interface which gained popularity in recent years.    
This time-saving functionality allows businesses to create multiple QR codes simultaneously, eliminating the need for repetitive manual work.   

By utilizing search criteria such as product type or tags, store owners can effortlessly generate dynamic QR codes for various products in minutes. 

Using the QR Code Bulk Create Feature 

Now, if you are a growing eCommerce Shopify store, you probably understand the struggle of creating QR codes for your products.  

While there are many free QR code generator apps, their bulk-creation feature might cost you a few bucks. But that is not the case with the QR Code Generator Hub app.  

This tool is completely free for all Shopify stores. And by that we mean that all essential custom QR codes features are free, including:
What's great about it is that you can integrate the app into your store.  Here's how.
Step 1: Log in to your Shopify admin panel and go to the apps section. Click on "QR Code Hub." 

If you don't have the app yet, download it from this link and click the “Add app” to install it in your store.