What are the Different Options for Adding a Logo to My QR Code?

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Jonathan Palley Sep 19, 2023
Personalizing QR codes creates an opportunity to reinforce your brand identity and make a lasting impact on your customers. With dynamic QR code customization features, you are able to enhance visual appeal and increase the chances of users scanning the code, driving them to explore your products and services. 

In today's digital world, Shopify QR codes are recognized as a simple yet powerful tool for connecting with customers and enhancing brand engagement. These small, square-shaped codes can hold diverse information and serve as a bridge between the offline and online worlds.  

So why settle for plain, generic QR codes when you can make them stand out and represent your brand? In this blog post, we'll explore the options available in the QR Code Generator Hub Shopify app for adding logos to your QR codes and show you how to adjust their appearance to elevate your brand identity.   

Step-by-Step Guide to QR Code Customization 

There are two primary ways to add a logo for your customized Shopify QR codes in the app – uploading and choosing from existing options. Let's take a look at each option and break down the process:  

Step 1: Head over to your Shopify admin and navigate to "Apps." Find the "QR Code Hub" and select "Create New." This would trigger an option where you can choose the destination of your QR code to trigger the customization dashboard. 

Step 2: Scroll through the dynamic QR code settings dashboard until you find the customization panel. Choose between uploading your own custom logo or selecting from a range of existing customization options. You also have the option to edit the shape, shadow and size of the logo as you see fit for your brand.
It is recommended that you experiment with different display options, such as square or circular shapes, size adjustments, and even adding a shadow effect for a touch of sophistication. 

Step 3: Beyond logos, text additions offer a fantastic opportunity to engage your audience. Include attention-grabbing phrases like "Scan Me" or a compelling call-to-action that entices users to scan the code. The customization panel also provides solid color choices. You can get creative with gradients, radial gradients, and more to align the QR code with your brand's aesthetics.

Step 4: Frames are also an essential element of QR code customization that can complement your design. Experiment with different frame colors and designs to find one that enhances your QR code's overall appearance.